What God is the ‘true’ God?

I am the true God!

You see, at birth I was given the title of being a “Hindu”.While you (Christians or Muslims, statistically, in the knowledge that hardly Any Hindus speak German) could believe in a God who is (from Wikipedia):

“creator of the world, above and independent of human existence”

Hinduism says:

“God, the universe, human beings and all else is essentially one thing” and everything is connected oneness, the same god is in every human being as Atman,the eternal Self.

That makes me a God.

Not omniscient, not omnipotent, and certainly not omniscient, but a God.Cool, right?!

Here’s the problem: I am not the only God.Hinduism has 33 different categories of gods, with the 1 million (or 10 million, depending on the source) gods in each of the categories.

Assuming That I don’t even remember the 33 categories, I have a feeling that I will never know about them, even 33 million.

So, of course, I’m damned to be a newborn and hopefully spend more time in the following life trying to learn more about her.

It would have been much easier for me if God had printed these names in my OWN DNA.But then my body changes every time I am reborn. The DNA of a bacterium differs from a human being (you are reborn as a human being all the time not!Do you want a whole different theory to explain the circle of life of each animal?!).

I think DNA manipulation is not possible in all versions of the very popular “A Game of Gods” (not pre-orderable), or at least frowned upon.

In it comes the Hindu concept of a “soul” (Aatma).While the body is a tool, it is the soul that remembers the crap you did in your last life. This has many advantages and a major drawback:

  • Benefits:
    • You don’t forget who you are.

You may not be you after you die, but surely you would stay if you were reborn.So, no homesickness!

  • Your deeds (karma) remain with you and give you the motivation to do good forever – even (especially?) on your deathbed.
  • If you are bad in this life, you can sleep in peace and remember that you have an eternity to make up for it.
  • You must love all animals / insects / plants – you could be born as one of them in the next life!
  • I don’t know if the Hindu scriptures talk about bacteria, but I doubt it.

  • Do you ever want you to be born a cute dog or something like that?
  • Well, statistically, you should!

  • If you save someone, I hope you get a bonus life 鈥?as a human being.
  • However, my life could be sad, I still find that a nudibranch has it worse.

  • Disadvantage:
    • I really don’t know what good karma a kitchen cockroach needs to do to be born human.

    Considering that Hinduism is not really a religion and more a collection of thoughts (conservative, from 1000 BC), one can technically call oneanother also Hindu (further with the Yoga Brigade!).If you choose to do so, you will immediately become more Hindu than I am!

    Of course I write this in German!Do you really think I’ll let my mom read this?!

    Feel free to correct any grammar/spelling errors you have found 🙂

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