What fetish can you not understand?

What fetish can you not understand?

I can understand everyone, of course I don’t feel.How do I come to this statement?

The word “fetish” comes from the Latin “facticius”, which means “imitate” or “artificial”.In French “Fétiche”, for example, magic or magic means translates.

The commodity, money and financial fetish in one sentence: one feels a certain satisfaction, that does not have to be sexual, when buying things.Handbags, cars, watches, etc….

Then there is the fetish of religion.Here, special rituals, gifts and/or sacrifices increase the value of a thing. As in the first example, the value does not really increase, but only appears to be increasing. Regarding one’s own perception.

This form of fetish has already produced whole forms of religion and also the evangelists, catholics, Protestants, even the Muslims and above all the natural peoples worship things like “Jesus on the Cross”, “bones”, “wax dolls”, “feathers” and much more to themselves. to feel better.

A fetish generally has the task of making you feel better.What this is in detail or is so individually different and perhaps even different for each person.

Of course, this also has something to do with the parents’ own childhood, education and educational attaining level.If you have very open-minded educated parents, you realize early on that the fetish always has something to do with one’s own faith. And whether I believe in God, Jesus the Redeemer, the green Watz or the pink Floyd, or the value of money, does not matter at all for the effect of the fetish.

In our latitudes, the most secretive is the sexual fetish.But here, too, it is important that dead objects in themselves, but not only, provide for a certain, often excitable attitude of the individual. However, in the case of sexual fetishes, it is of course also living people who provide for the well-being.

What can now become a sexual living fetish is, of course, as complex as the human soul itself.

And i lean a little out of the window and say that if you don’t have a fetish, you’re a little bit boring.”Wa? Or?” I mean, always in missionary position with socks on, in light, the sex life will not be happy for decades. Nice if both practice in strict asceticism maybe, but that’s I think rather the exception.

Nowhere else, the Stone Age program runs as well as during sex.Of course, she wants her children to have a father who knows where the sausage has grown. So HE, who can stand up to the show (formerly with big skins and heavy club, today with a fit to strong, persevering body and a few attributes that promise social prestige) that he is potent, he will enjoy the privilege in the ladies world.

With him, a well-groomed appearance and a stylish, slightly erotic clothing will attract the attention and he will check if he has found the mother of his future children.

Stone Age program.

When she shows up in silk stockings and high shoes, it always attracts more attention than when someone comes along in a jacketed-out jogging suit and slippers.

Based on the fact “the eye eats with” fetishes are expected and seen here as well.

Now, of course, no one who finds an attractive and chic-clad woman attractive would consider himself a fetishist, of course not.But that is precisely what would be wrong. Because the attention obtained also depends (and I say EXPLICITLY ALSO, but not only) on the appearance and the chic packaging. So dead objects that have an erotic effect. This is also generally accepted in society. So why not?

Now there are fetishes that, even if one does not follow them, can have at least effects on one’s own perception, which seem obvious to one.Thus, as everyone will be able to understand, certain clothing can have an erotic effect in terms of wearing, as well as from the visual effect.

And exactly the same mechanisms as in the performance of the religion can be applied here on an erotic level.Everything can become a fetish.

At some point, things get really weird.Sex with furniture or trees or even animals is really no longer everyone’s business. Sex with large age differences is also generally accepted or rejected as less accepted and is rather the exception.

Basically, if both or more partners are so ABOUT at a comparable age and agree on what they are doing, everyone should do what he/she/xie thinks.As long as no one is forced to do anything, human dignity is respected and everything happens by mutual consent, everyone is a blacksmith of his own happiness. “Every pot fits ‘n lid,” Grandma has always said.

And to come back to the question, I can understand every fetish intellectually, which does not mean that I also like everyone.I’m clearly depleting that.

But being able to understand something does not mean being able to emulate it.So with objects (except erotic toys), animals, plants I find very strange.

Where the fun stops completely, and then I become merciless, is in the case of violence and sex against children and violence and sex against women.

Otherwise, everyone should do what makes him/she/xie happy, as long as no one else feels disturbed by it.

In the end, it turns out that God is a hot, brunette strap mouse in high heels.What then?

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