What factors lead to the emergence of lawn mower

Smaller families, in the first place.With my mother, they were at home with his five tens, “that was no parenting, just feeding,” she always said. People don’t get so many children anymore, so they have more attention for those they do.

Also, society is individualizing, when people think about the future of their child, that is performance-oriented, where there was previously less emphasis.People want to give their children as many opportunities as possible to excel and become successful, and then it is a natural reaction to help them as much as possible.

There is also increasing fear in the hearts of parents.Partly this is due to the constant flow of news and information and media. If you often look at the news, you are a lot more pessimistic about the world. My mother used to say every time I was sick “wait a while, sleep a night over”, but if you’re going to be googling what it can be all that as a parent is harder.

It used to be safer, but now we think it is safer. I now know, for example, that there was a child abuser that my older family came into contact with, but no one talked about things like that, that was taboo.Now there is much more talk about abuse in the church, at schools, on the sports association, that comes in the news if such a thing happens. Then you soon get the feeling that it is everywhere around you and it can be anyone.

I was given a very young education in school about what was not okay and what I had to do if someone touched me while I didn’t want it, my mother did not, my aunts either (or father and uncles, abuse is not done only in girls).In this sense, it is more secure because it is more negotiable. But that can come very differently to parents, some think that because it is now more discussed, it must have become worse.

So, why is oudern easier to lawn mower-parents?Why do they sit on top of their children, they don’t let them be more independent, and do they think they should solve everything for them? Well, there are fewer children to take care of, and people now have more information about education, child psychology and health, education (for good and for worse). But also.. It has become so much easier to follow your child. Everything is digital, the school data and performance can be followed closely, there is social media if you want to know what your child is doing with his or her boyfriends. You can always call them, there are those tracker apps.. In addition, people have also just become more empowered. Everyone believes to be expert in everything, there is really no respect for the schoolmaster or doctor (and usually that’s good too!), but it does mean that people are much noisier if something doesn’t like them. Everyone, also parents.

I think that previous generations of parents would not have acted differently if they had the knowledge and the opportunity, it is very human to want to protect and see your child succeed.That is how we as a species have come so far. And modern parenting also brings a lot of good huh. Encourage your kids, don’t give a tap anymore if they don’t do something right, have the answers to every “why” and “How to” question at your fingertips.

It is only that our society is changing so quickly, and parents are still figuring out how to deal with it.

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