What experiences have you had with LSD?

I played chess and won against two people at the same time, playing music and I was able to talk in Dutch, although I only understand it from the point of view of listening and reading.I was very awake, felt more alert than when I was normally awake, and I lost myself in very deep thoughts. My “multitasting level” was at about 5 things at the same time, which I mastered without any problems. However, the dose I took before was relatively low. So nothing more happened. I had neither halucinations nor a deep spiritual trip.

Another time when I took LSD, I was at a festival.There I later sat with a few friends on the edge of the forest on a hill above the grounds and I wondered deeply what kind of strange behavior it is of people, that they dance, cheer and celebrate to “music”. It seemed very suspicious and strange to me. I couldn’t do anything with it and I was far from any mood to celebrate because I was far too rational. Honestly, for me it was never really a drug to celebrate, but rather to recognize something about myself or the world. A little later I realized how tiny we are in this damn big universe, it was always clear to me but I had never noticed it so intensely before. It was almost as if, for the first time, I had been given a similarly correct scale of size dimensions.
In the same move, however, I also realized that even with the farthet of the universe, we have a common origin somewhere, a connection, at least at a very specific time and in a very specific place in the whole, and therefore somewhere everything somehow, even in the dimensions that we may not yet know.
Especially if one separates oneself from the fact that we are perhaps far away in the temporal and spatial dimensions and, at least mentally and theoretically, on the dimensions we know moves into all the ways in which they have grown since the origin.
Also, there must be a dimension that stretches like an axis and that all the others follow.
That’s obviously quite difficult to explain, it was just quite a trip.But somewhere I still find this view of things very fascinating and often think about how this could be reconciled with the modeling and our understanding of the world and physics. In any case, I do not find it entirely absurd.
After that, my mind began to interpret patterns over.I saw patterns where there are actually none or only very subtle ones. Leaves suddenly formed “clusters”, i.e. I saw a multitude of leaves summarized, as a segment of perception. These “clusters” became countable and in turn formed larger “clusters” that could be summarized. Which is why I also assume that I have just overinterpreted patterns.
At some point, in the ordinary noise of the image, I saw what you see in low light, such patterns.They formed these typical spirals, which have already been seen in pictures. So in a way, only pale and this image flush, smaller and a hundred times side by side and transparent enough to recognize the environment:

(Example picture)

At that moment, I wondered what kind of math sat there, if you could map it, and what that could say about the way our brain works.

Whether it would be possible to deduce any ratios, constants or values that come into play somewhere in the procedure of my neurons. And whether there would perhaps also be a mathematical “description” in it, which takes us back to the connection where billions of years ago everything was at a point from which everything came about. Almost like the background noise of the universe, which is known from physics, only in a different context of propagation.
In the end, I developed a great fascination for mathematics, but unfortunately not so big that it would drive me to 6 semesters with countless exercises there to torment there in order to get a little closer to the bottom of the matter.Where I might lack many parameters anyway, in order to calculate something concrete from it. I still know roughly what it looked like what I saw, but how do you want to determine a ratio or correctly describe a mathematical fractal based on a rough memory?
Well, after that the trip went a little deeper and my understanding of mathematical aesthetics passed completely.Instead, somewhere in my deepest interior, I found myself on a corridor with many doors. Each of these doors stood for something I had experienced in my life or something that has a central meaning.
But that would be too private for me to write about what I saw there, even if I write anonymously.But they were both beautiful things, as well as unsightly and long-displaced things, which I was able to recognize and process a whole lot through the trip, but fortunately. One thing that was very close to my heart, but from which I had been spun off some time before, was spun behind one of the doors in a cocoon. I freed this thing from the cocoon and won it back. But I’m very glad I didn’t meet anything there that I couldn’t have processed so easily.

Eventually, the trip subsided and went about the way it had started.I had a bit of fun with the bright colors of kink lights, which you turn quickly around the finger as a “Haulla Hup” ring (which by the way looks very ingenious in the dark) and am still a bit through the high grass of a field at full moon I went for a walk and listened to the wind and watched the stalks bending and was just deeply relaxed.

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