What experience do you have with chatbots in marketing?

Hey, someone has the right smeller!

Messenger Marketing is a truly ingenious new medium to address people on a daily basis & stay in touch for the long term.We have tested ChatBots, now extensively in the most diverse business models and the results really blown the sheet metal away from me.

That’s why I’ll try to break down the essential parts of a ChatBot or Messenger app called to the most important aspects.Because I think that’s the best way to understand how companies can benefit massively from it.

• 1️.It is a new powerful way & way to build your own list of interested parties, which you can then directly and immediately
can be reached again and again.

“Basically like an email list”

The pure numbers speak a clear language comparing the FB Messenger with conventional email marketing achieve messages that are sent via messenger 4, 5, 6, better opening & click rates …

And because users usually need to respond & interact via a CTA (Call to Action) button, the recipients don’t even have to write, it’s easy to dive deeper into our marketing funnel with just a few clicks.

In order to put the crown on, you can also place “Sponsored Ads” via the Facebook Messenger, and also reach people who have only briefly come into contact with our site.

So it is really easy to quickly expand and expand a potential list of potential customers.

#2.It saves you enormously ⏱ time and also costs which allows you to take care of your customers even better and to support you via support.

Customers expect 24/7 availability and you hate to wait a long time, there is no understanding that about the support over and over again the same questions are exercised by.

If you spend a lot of ⏱ time helping people track their deliveries, explain the return modalities or make booking orders.

Believe me here, automation can do real miracles.This frees your focus and takes care of important things that a Facebook Messenger chatbot can’t do.

#3.Identify your users’ needs and offer them exactly what they need when you need it.

You can easily find out with standard questions (e.g. how much do you want to invest?) and, for example, direct refer the high ticket customers to your sales team.

#4.Manage eCommerce transactions for your store or arm your ChatBot with a psychologically well-structured marketing script and have it sold for you 24/7 fully automated.

And because everything works in the familiar environment of Facebook Messenger’s, the bounce rates are also much lower than in the traditional advertising-to-website pipeline.

Also, language-bound sales offers plenty of room for personalized upselling because the chatbot brings suggestions.From “Your flight will not take off before 16:00 in the afternoon. Do you prefer a late checkout?” to “Pommes mit …?” everything is possible!

#5.Take your customers over and over again because as already mentioned it is possible with a ChatBot to hold back information until it become relevant to the user and you can use this feature to make that certain some of the conversation Add.
Instead of pulverizing huge amounts of advertising costs into the wind, a Facebook Messenger chatbot can reach your customers in person and deliver important content to them at the right time.

Remind your customers to buy your bike pants that are still in their shopping cart or to send flowers to their mother-in-law again this year, as they did at the same time last year.

OK enough for the first time I hope I could give you a first insight!But the subject is so brutal for me, so I have to be careful that I don’t wander out.

But if you like me and you want to see the whole thing in action in practice, I have to finish for those who want it a really cool gift.

I have 3 brand new case studies of our customers from different industries & how Messenger has transformed the business, but see for yourself what became of it.Click here in Messenger

So motivating greetings and see you ..!

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