What exactly is meant by the use of the ‘Grey Rock’ method in a narcissist?

Translation from English…

Note: The method is called both Gray Rock and Grey Rock.Gray (USA) and Grey (UK) both mean “grey”.

Narcissists and their victims often fail to recognize that narcissism is an addiction to manipulating people.The Gray Rock method is a model that the narcissist’s game is to recognize for what it is: an addiction.

Narcissists are proud of their ability to manipulate others.They don’t always realize that it’s an addiction and that they absolutely need this game. As with any other addict, they are experts in finding supplies. They know how to get to their victims and what buttons they have to press at them.

Once the victim is identified, the narcissists have fun with the drama supply.It is an ego trip that makes all her feelings of inferiority disappear and makes her walk the day again with confidence. It is a scapegoat mechanism in which the emotions of the victim are sacrificed to the abuser, so that he goes out of the game as the winner and the victim as a tpy loser.

The Grey Rock method is about taking yourself out of this game.The narcissist will do everything he can to address the emotional needs of the victim to keep it in play. Everyone has their own buttons. If someone knows them well, it makes us an easy target. Just think about what’s most important to you. And now be aware that a narcissist knows this long ago and will use it against you. Now you know the game of the narcissist and you know how to play it. Just consider it a game against the narcissist to take yourself off the field (of the narcissist). His game is to manipulate your emotions. But it’s YOUR EMOTIONS. So it’s ultimately up to you whether you want to have the upper hand in the game.

The Grey Rock method bores the narcissist to death because it lacks any drama.She is never rude, but always friendly. When the narcissist makes unaquisited remarks, we simply let him bounce off us, as if we didn’t notice him at all. It helps if we just think of him as a cocky toddler who just wants to impose his will.

In principle, all our reactions should be the exact opposite of what he expects.After a while, we will have become accustomed to our lack of reactions. If he’s still near you, you’ll have to confuse them even further. Think of new “non-reactions,” ask him inconsequential questions and switch to completely sloping topics such as: “You, there’s an ant, hmmmm…”.

The narcissist wins his game by his victim taking more care of him than the other way around.With the Grey Rock method, however, the victim is even less interested in the narcissist than the other way around (the game is turned over). The narcissist does not get along with this in the long run. He will no longer have fun and will disappear from the field.

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