What etiquette (rules of engagement) in the togetherness between a man and a woman makes sense to you and why?

I think some old rules make sense.

Not because we needthem,

But because ritualized behavior (if voluntary) ,

the tension and the difference between the sexes.

Increased tension feels enjoyable and sexy.

  • The Woman the Door stop, even the car door

This is a gesture of courtesy,which makes a lot of sense to me when a couple goes outtogether.

For example, if He’s wearing a suit and you’re wearing a beautiful dress and if this gesture reinforces that staging.

It’s a nice game.

It also means that He tells her: you are not taken forgranted, you are my queen.

You are valuable.

And it’s nice to see her accept this gesture.


If the two were shopping together and he’s wearing something heavy, it’s clearthat she’s stopping the door.

in everyday life, this rule cannot always apply.

  • You in the Coat help

It’s a gesture I always like.

It is a sign of warmth and care.

I can put on my coat super myself.

If I didn’t, I’d hateit.

But letting it happen voluntarily is a beautiful gesture of intimacy.

Even more sowhen he hangs his jacket around me in the cold.

I just love it.

I myself like to help people in the jacket, which I really appreciate or who are old.

It is a gesture of service and respect.

  • On to the Footpath goes He on of the S eite where the cars drive.

Beautifulwhen a man thinks of it.

It means relax, I’ll watch out.

Of course I can take care of myself.

But now I’m just letting my soul dangle.

And HE shows me that I am worth a lot to him and that nothing should happen to me.

that alwaysworks.

  • Mann goes in the restaurant in front of.

Again, this is an old protectivegesture.

I like them.

You walk through a door that you don’t knowwhat’s behind it.

The man is the first to walk as a precaution.

That, too, no longer makes any practical sense.

But ritually used, it enhances the feeling of woman and man.

I also like to use it at least for goingout.

Tonight we are not pals.

  • Mann goes on of the Stairs before, when it goes down, and back, when it goes up.


Because He could catch YOU if it falls.

If I wear very high heels, it even has a practical meaning.

Of course not in everydaylife.


That is enough for examples, there are various others.

In general, I find small rituals incredibly enriching.

They are in everydaylife: I make the coffeefor you in the morning.

You make me the hot water bottlein the evening.

It reinforces the loveto dothings for each other.

they give closeness.

The rules of benimm are artificial aids to put us back at a distance when we live together and see ourselves in sloppy things.

Without a distance we are no longer mysterious and also not sexy.

And etiquette is therefore something I want in my life.

Unlike in previous times, Idecide.

Not the etiquette.

I use YOU.

not them me.

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