What errors should be avoided as a matter of urgency when acquiring?

Lack of systematics in the procedure

At number 6 in our error compilation comes first a lack of systematics.Those who do not know why they sell well and generate customers will not be able to focus their efforts on certain measures in the future.

Therefore, we recommend introducing a system that best automatically organizes your customer acquisition efforts and thus supports your company on a permanent basis and ensures continuous new customer acquisition.It is not uncommon for the introduction of a credit point system or good controlling to bring corresponding successes. After all, the biggest problems arise only because certain events and corresponding current accounts are inadequately managed.

“Acquisition, which is automated, leads to lasting success and can be used independently of personnel”

Place #5: All are customers

The lack of target group containmentlands in 5th place of our top 6 acquisition errors.

If you are travelling in today’s diversified markets, it is better to address a very well-defined customer base today than tomorrow. In the diversity of interests, there is a risk of scatteringlosses, which cause high advertising costs and unnecessarily increase the use of personnel.Particularly effective target group analyses can help to better select content and appeal to customers more interest-oriented.

Place #4: No or missing acquisition effort

One of the biggest acquisition errors is the fact that it is assumed that acquisition sits on its own.This is a mistake. Acquisition can only be successful in dynamic markets if conscious and targeted effort is invested in attracting new customers. Only those who really specifically plan time budgets for attracting customers will also be successful in the long term. Above all, regular use counts. Those who manage to hire long-term recruitment staff at certain intervals will also be able to attract customers again.

Place #3: Lack of success measurement

A lack of success measurement can also result in your acquisition not achieving constant success.

Only by documenting how you have been able to achieve success in acquisition can you also use learning curve effects to optimize your operations.

Ultimately, the acquisition should also increase in efficiency, in order to be able to expect a predictable new customer potential for a long time.

Place #2: Lack of knowledge of online business

The acquisition in the online business differs massively from offline customer acquisition measures.
If you want to attract customers online, you should recognize the changed market conditions and develop customer acquisition systems that are suitable for your business.Particularly helpful is the sequence of micromoments that are connected to the ZMOT.This description of the customer journey shows relatively clearly that the customer should be picked up particularly quickly, especially during the product discovery phase.At the moment when it is clear what the customer wants, the appropriate offers must also be immediately visible.

Place #1: Lack of skills

Lack of acquisition skills often leads to an acquisition error.Especially when moderating customer presentations, experience in customer consulting and sales opportunities acquired in sales trainings are indispensable. This increases the likelihood that this classic acquisition error will not be made. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that the sale is a discipline that cannot be learned 100%. Many sellers simply have huge talent and sell without having to complete numerous training courses. In the long term, success will also depend on good staff.

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