What English word do you find terrible when it is spoken by Dutch?

“Have you ever heard of Kgienpis?”-asked a friendly young man on the phone.

“No, not really”.

“We are a non-profit organization that deals with the projects that are meant to counter the devastate of our planet”.

“Oh, you mean Greenpeace?I’m already a donor “.

“I would like to thank you very much, Mrs and I wish you a very nice day!”

In My branch of work used with English as a language and selling and buying is the daily business.Purchase is the English word for purchases. I love the 90% people who pronounce this word as ‘ peurtjees ‘. Super annoying because it has to be clearly ‘ peurtjes ‘.

I could very much disturb Peter R de Vries.

For example, in this episode he’s going to be “underkuffer” you’d still think someone is appealing to that man.

All English words in which the word “up” appears.For example, the following words are:

  • Make up by many Dutchmen pronounced “meek-up” [Mek YP, while this should be about “meek AP” [Me瑟kj ‘ 蕦p.
  • And so also pick up .
  • As well as uptown.

In fact, in particular, all the words that were spoken by people who learned English before the years 50, or have no language feeling.

Lubbers, who meant Amsterdam, but ‘ Emsturdems ‘ said, with those S at the end.

Or my father, who apparently never heard well how to pronounce something, in any foreign language he tried to speak.He did get what he wanted, so one tried very well to understand him anyway.

If an English word with those typical Dutch sounds is pronounced, so.

What I find hilarious again, are websites or booklets with original used phrases in letters to Englishmen, in which Dutch expressions are translated.

Every English word where an “a” comes in.Because the Dutch think they have to pronounce it as an “E”.

On his aaipet, Betmen chooses a new church for cemping.

Seriously: Have you ever heard an English (a real one: An Englishman or an American) hear one of these words??


Dutch people call this “Wiefie”.. Just like the sausage that starts with a B… While one had always talked about “Haaifaai” when one read HiFi.

Say so Waaifaai….English word.. So keep it English too please!

Cluedo.This original British game is invariably spoken by Dutch as “Klu-茅e-Do”. But it is a game with clues, “clues” and the name rhymes on the old game Ludo (man-worse-you-not). “Kloedo” So!

Smoothie is always a nice one.Smoettie, Smoeezie, the range of possibilities is wide.

There are still a few words with the-th sound, such as mud (English for Mother).

Furthermore, many Dutch people all have the following words in English: bed, bad, bat, bet: Bet, BET, Bet , bet.

And finally love often sounds more like a vegetable (praise) than something beautiful.

PS as a bonus word I would like to nominate cut.Shortcut is still used IN the IT environment in which I work, and few Dutch people manage to make it sound not vulgar.

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