What drives some people to be materialistic and others idealistic?

I can only speak for myself, have a time believed that possession gathering was important in life.Ultimately, the conclusion is that possession requires maintenance and is subject to wear, that a watch on every wrist is a bit loud and that it does not make you more beautiful as a person.

I have been allowed to lose everything by circumstances, and that was a victory, although initially it really didn’t feel that way. As a result I could reinvent myself, I learned to know life in the moment and I was allowed to dream about how I wanted to live life.

I succeeded in defining my ideals and chasing my dreams again, and that is not for everyone: I feel more successful than before.

I like to carry it over; As a parent, I think it is important to let my children understand that life from personal motivations is more beautiful than life from a golden cage or Instagram profile.

Of course, you can best choose luxury and convenience when it comes to things you enjoy every day.I hope in this way, by sincerely sharing my experiences, to teach my children a valuable lesson that I have had to learn myself through damage and shame.

Fingers crossed that it encourages them to do so as well.

Materialism has a lot to do with reflection.

Materialism and idealism have a great deal to do with each other.

Idealism has to do with the idea of making life viable.

They are the forms of self-deception.

And there are the fundamente of Western society based on it.

Matter meetings uncertainty look is after all my stuff stuff are but stuff childish.I myself still have a bit bothered by me PlayStation and me iPad but I actually need pretty little I give little to the stuff I have and eventually it can replace everything. Idealistic comes through hope but it’s jammer when you get older and you’ve been disappointed a few times you become slowly cynical

What you call materialist people is in fact the opposite of what truly materialistic people are, namely the love of material, for a flower that consists of many subtle colors, a wooden chair that is beautifully made by a Master woodworker, a dish prepared by a chef who, with love for his product, gives a taste that is unparalleled, a musician who makes music that enchants you.Most people want more, bigger, faster and they have lost the lievde for matter, fast food is quickly forgotten, the ideal large villa is in fact a golden cage, the road to a holiday destination must be made as soon as possible and thereby they lose the Beautiful things that may be seen on the way out of the eye. It always comes later, that feeling of contentment, later after another bigger house, more money, more, more, more. And it’s like drinking salt water, the more you drink…..

A characteristic of both is greed.Difference is: People sighs to different things/emotions/knowledge.

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