What does your partner make you feel valued?

I regularly have genial but impulsive ideas.

Most beaches, however, at the first bump:

My wife.

And that always ensures whining,

Something my wife obviously doesn’t wait for.

It would have been much easier for my wife if, for example, she had said at such a time:

“Great treasure!Of course you are absolutely right. We sell the whole bunch here and are going to interest in Barcelona!

She doesn’t.

She takes my ideas very seriously,

Takes the time,

and explain to me every time why this is not feasible.

Therefore, 98% of my genius ideas are being killed,

But do I feel taken seriously,

And I feel appreciated.

Cheer when I get home.
\Xa0he knows I like that (I started it).After a hard day at work with a lot of discussions, something like that really can be welcomed!

Bubbles!He gives me a glass of bubbles for me when I’m cooking.

Music He sometimes puts my music on ‘ I know what you like ‘

Updates He puts in advance my PC and update the games I’m playing, so I like to play I don’t have to wait

He asks me for help sometimes he wants to make something for his work and then he comes to me ‘ I saw you make a presentation last and that was so cool! ‘

Compliments He often gives me compliments ‘ you have cooked nicely, thank you for tolerating my nonsense, you are the best thing that happened to me ‘ sometimes also truncated ‘ Sorry, but you can’t go out so ‘ -I fear, huh why not?”You are way too beautiful, soon another man will take you!” He always knows how to do it, that I don’t expect it.

Honesty He is honest with me. Somehow that makes me very confident of myself.I know when I do something that does not matter to me, that he says it and sometimes something too late ‘ I SEE YOUR KNICKERS ‘ as we tear down on the mountain bike, then I think # $ # @-again that wrong leggings packed! But we can laugh together.

Furthermore, he is also honest with regard to my behavior.From my autism I sometimes don’t see things, or am I too harsh. Then he will let me know ‘ how you say that, that doesn’t sound nice ‘ or he just says ‘ for me that doesn’t work ‘ and then I know that again and I take that too seriously.

In the end there are a million things that show to me that he appreciates me, sometimes there is a note somewhere or I get just an made ‘ did you know.. ‘ And so he feels the other way around.Together we are all ourselves and we feel super good at:)

He does a lot of things:

  • He takes me as I am
  • He takes account of me and my needs/needs/feelings
  • He is thankful for what I do (eg in the household) and says that also
  • He wants to be the best for me and can be very worried
  • He likes to see me
  • He listens well to what I have to say haha;)
  • He is very involved but at the same time he gives me a lot of freedom
  • And much more…

It’s my partner who insted the first and only house rule: do whatever you want.

As a result, familial stress is avoided and that feels very good and you feel mutual appreciation and love.

But beware, not everyone can do that line.

We are happy though.



My partner is very romantic.He always buys a gift with Mother’s Day and with my birthday. This is very clich茅 but these days have arisen. I expect it though. Valentine’s Day he find something of Commercie again.

What I love is that he does not like wine and, nevertheless, he drinks with me for the conviviality.Because I know he doesn’t really like drinking we rarely drink wine. It’s give and take.

The same as in the first 6 months of your relationship.

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