What does your diet look like and what do you eat or drink?

After years of eating disorders I finally have a more or less healthy diet.

First off, I’m never up to dieting.This is incredibly unhealthy and the effects of long-term diets are pretty bad.

Now I’m Flexitarian.

Here are a few pictures of what I eat:

Okay, this green salad I only made once, but it was yummy!

I often eat lettuce.

Butter lettuce or chicory. The weeks without my children, I just make a French mustard/garlic vinaigrette for the whole week. Then I can eat some salad every day quickly and easily.

This is a variation of Mexican food.A little rice, a chili sin carne (with many peppers, peppers are a vegetable source of proteins, red beans as well), seasoned feta, avocado (for a healthy fat contribution), and corn.

A couscous variation: also without meat but with proteins, by the chickpeas and the poached egg.

My Ceasar salad, with poached egg. (Yes, yes, I love poached eggs.)

But I have to be honest… Sometimes I’ll just order something easy or I’ll eat out.

Especially the weeks without my children, I find it pathetic to just cook for myself.

Nowadays a lot healthier than before in any case.Roughly, my day looks like food & drink:


  • Bowl of yoghurt with dried fruit and nuts
  • 1 Glass of water
  • 1 Glass of fresh juice
  • 4 Sandwiches with varying spreads
  • 1 Litre tea


  • Salad with an orange, half fennel and a little raisins
  • Half cucumber, a paprika and little handful of nuts
  • 1 A 2 litres of water


  • Hot meal, usually a recipe from a grocery store, always adjust it yourself.

I minimize the carbohydrates and fill it with more fresh vegetables (recipe says 0, 5kg potatoes and 2 peppers, then I do 4 peppers and no potatoes), minimize the meat (recipe says 200gr chopped, I do 100gr minced and add for example Greek Yoghurt or egg)

  • 1 Litre tea
  • 2 A 3 glasses of water
  • A piece of chocolate (try to do this less, now sits about 2 to 3 times a week)
  • It happens that I do not have enough of the sandwiches, I feel a bit faint during lunch I grab another sandwich.Also, the piece of chocolate is still a little bit:-).

    Luckily it’s been a lot better than it used to be.Some 4 years ago In the meantime, you could have replaced all the teas with iced tea or soft drinks. Instead of the vegetable I took then pieces of pizza or something like that. In the evening I ate more chocolate, often also with chips or so alternating. The dinner itself I ate a lot more potatoes and generally much more of everything. In the meantime I have fallen over 25 kg, but my belly does not want to believe it yet:-(.

    Main reason I keep this good is because I feel so much better.Regardless of whether I’m rubbish or not, I’m fitter, have a lot more energy and just stand a lot better in life. In doing so, now that I’ve renounced all that unhealthy, I don’t need it anymore, I don’t really like it anymore.

    I especially like the ‘ throw no more fuel in than needed ‘ rule for myself.Furthermore there is the food where I do not respond well like sugar/fast carbohydrates. Which I avoid on weekdays (Monday to Friday noon) so I mainly eat meat and vegetables and (healthy) fat.

    I prefer to be as small as possible with food/hunger at work.So I like to eat things like avocado, Greek yogurt with some raspberries, everything you can go through for a long time because it contains a lot of fat.

    On Monday I eat as low as carbohydrate as possible (at the weekend where I can compensate for a white roll of myself).Then I eat Greek yogurt (10% fat and not of that fake yogurt) with raspberries as breakfast around 10 o’clock. An avocado around lunch and I found yesterday another Atkins bar type bounty which I thought okay I can eat at 4 o’clock. In the evening I had dinner with cheese (cheese with praise;)) and some leftover rolls of the day before. Top!

    Today is Tuesday, then I can eat two sandwiches of myself, or no siege with a sandwich;) Can I also have hours on forward.I also have a cucumber with me that I will eat somewhere. Tonight we eat wraps with grilled chicken, avocado, paprika, cremefraiche, cheese and what not already, I do not eat the wraps.

    Wednesday evening I make chili con carne, there are beans in it and I want to have a hand in Nacho rimchips so then I choose the daytime again for as few carbohydrates as possible.So I actually do it a bit. I’m quite untelling myself (except for the things I really don’t feel good about, but that doesn’t feel like a denial, that feels like ‘ thank you for caring for myself ‘). When I eat something that contains more carbohydrates, I compensate for that on the day itself so that I always stay under a certain number.

    Sugar I get right from in coma, at first I wanted to eat a candy, but now I even fall asleep from 1 candy.So it’s just not worth it for me, not at all on the weekends, because then I want to be able to play games and that doesn’t work when I’m half-hibernating. Feels really very sucks.
    From fake sugar I get rash when I drink that too often, cola zero and so. At Pepsi Max it is less.I consider it just as a signal, so I also limit it. One or two cans a week maximum, then I don’t bother.

    When I do eat things that do not fall within my standard diet such as pancakes or fries, I enjoy it intensely.At first I found it difficult, because it was habit of eating more often, but everything went. Now I look forward to it. More enjoyable, for example in the holidays I say ‘ I can do everything from myself. ‘ I only have the appointment-I only eat it if I really want it. So at the end of the ride it often still falls against how wild I’ve been haha.

    Last year I wanted to get an ice cream with speckles that then ran differently.Every time I said if we come somewhere where that occasion is, I want that ice cream! The occasion occurred only a year later. Delicious Ice cream! Really enjoyed it.
    I think that is a nice challenge.I also had to walk to the snack bar around the corner, but I like to walk just to see how long it takes;)

    All forgotten: drink.I drink mainly water. Sometimes so a can and evening a small cup of coffee every day. In the morning I also like to drink a cup of coffee when I think about it. So most is just water.

    I do not consciously follow a particular diet.It is rather that I care that what I eat is healthy and not too much, ie: fresh ingredients, as much as possible organically grown and as little as possible pre-packaged and precut. Industrially produced food, artificial sweeteners and flavour enhancers I shun, but nowhere lies a dogma. I also eat a frozen pizza, but the logic of soft drinks, which I do not understand. Just water is so much tastier. I just don’t buy it, so you don’t drink it by itself.
    I think not only to myself, but also to the Earth.I avoid plastic packaging. Vegetable goes into the (brought) bag. I prefer not to throw food away. I am well aware that I do not buy too much so that it should be discarded. In the modern district, almost everyone has plenty of opportunities to buy what is needed at any given time. The Times of a well-stocked fridge and freezer are already long behind us.
    I eat very little fish, meat and dairy.Adult people who drink milk meant for baby animals sounds weird to me, but yes, cheese is very tasty. That is what I eat in moderation. The well-hidden fact that cows are constantly pregnant to be able to deliver milk is strange to say the least. Something similar applies to eggs. I also do not eat much bread and instead of salt, I stop a lot of garlic in the evening meal.
    In the morning it has been a solid prick for thirty years: muesli (no added sugar) with an apple, banana or other fruit, oat milk and one glass of fruit juice.Recently, some fresh ginger goes through the muesli, because someone has figured out that the shops have to be fully laid with them.
    During the day three normal cups of coffee without milk and sugar and a few hefty glass of water.
    In the afternoon two slices of brown bread without bread improver (which is fat).A piece of fish or cheese. In addition a tomato and some cucumber dipped in with lemon juice diluted techina.
    In the evening pasta/potato/rice/lentils/noodles/bulgur/couscous with vegetables, tofu, seitan, or any other meat substitute.Exceptionally a piece of chicken or salmon. Salad of tomato, cucumber, beet, radish, onion, garlic, avocado, lettuce, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.
    I use almost just olive oil and also a lot of lemon juice.Sometimes I make myself a houmous of chickpeas. In the refrigerator always stands: Techina, Silan (syrup made from dates), mustard.
    It is also no art to cook what you need.I’m lazy in nature, so if I think three potatoes are enough, then I peel three. And if food still remains, then that’s a nice bite for the next day. Again: Throwing away food I do not by definition. 50% of what we buy does not reach our stomach. You have to think of that.
    Again: What we eat is part of the total ecological cycle.So what I keep on peeling and other biological residues goes to the compost. And plastic packaging go into the Orange Bowl.

    I only eat vegetables and lettuce and sometimes pasta.

    I don’t eat meat, fish, or eggs.

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