What does your day-to-day work look like as an IT consultant?

Actually quite relaxed…

You get up At 5:30 a.m.6:15, you should want to sleep. By 7 a.m. at the latest, you should already be productive at the workplace of your choice/default.

From now on, shots are fired sharply … respectively.Observed. Each of your actions must be (half-optimized) to the benefit of your client. Long coffee breaks? Only with your manager. With employees team members? Only when the work topic or necessary tasks are discussed and they are the right contacts. Chatting with your colleague? phew…

You are praised every now and then.Great, swallow it down. Your next error will permanently delete your praise file. You get criticized? Be happy, no matter how negative the content or the wording. Take the necessary essence from the critique, process it and confuse the rest. You’re expected to be better than everyone else. Arguing or discussing immediately is counterproductive, even if you are “perhaps” in the right. Communication and prudence are your weapons and decide whether your contract is extended or terminated and you are allowed to go on acquisition again, which means an average of 6 weeks without accounting.

Nobody likes the givers.Your employed colleagues only see your hourly rate*hours. Few people see that you are in the highest tax bracket or have taxes without end, no holiday pay, no paid sick leave. You’ll hear the winged words “you can write it off anyway” or “just take it off the wheel”… Please do not try to correct and explain these statements.

At some point, it’s 7 p.m.Presumably you are alone in the office again. You log your performance and you are allowed to leave.

Did you eat during the day for business?Fueled? Bought something for your operational use? Sort your invoice receipts, maintain your logbook, plan your next appointments such as tax advisor, SVA, insurance broker, workshop, postal routes, etc. Try to set all appointments on the same day if possible. You can’t invoice this time.

From news broadcasts you will again learn about accidents and injuries with permanent consequences such as paralysis, loss of body parts.Immediately your head cinema starts… what would be my Plan B? Did I take precautions?

Hide such thoughts, as they will destroy you in the long run.As well as existential fears and stress. These things only take place in your head, so you decide at any time whether you want them or not. At the end of the day, it’s part of the game to stand above fears and stress, otherwise your conscious step into self-employment would somehow be oblique 🙂

Success is not witchcraft.You just have to follow certain guidelines with common sense. Expand and maintain your network – with agencies, other freelancers and also with former clients. Be reliable. Don’t make statements in the affect. Keep an eye on milestones and promises. Follow changes in the backlog and prepare for new technological requirements if they are missing from your Skillset… and and and.

My biggest mistake?- once I claimed to be a Full Stack Developer… Unicorns don’t exist and professionals will reveal you…

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