What does spin mean in quantum physics? How do you get there?

The spin was found in 1925 at our university in the Goudsmit_Uhlenbecktrial under the then rectorate of Max Born.

In a vacuum chamber, you steer a beam of silver atoms through the field of a horseshoe magnet; the beam splits.Half of the atoms are attracted by the North Pole, the other by the South Pole.

The (from the electronemspin) called ===> magnetic moment allows us, for example, in the ===> Zeemann effect to measure the manet fields of the farthest stars ===> Term splitting and #symmetriebrechung . Furthermore, this spin is responsible for the (classically completely incomprehensible ) appearance of ferromagnetism; Only diamagnetism would be classically understandable.

I don’t know now if you’ve heard of the Hilbert raum and so on; the ” full seriousness of life ” in the QM introduce books like eugen Fick / Darmstadt or the Nobel Prize suspect Gordon Baym

( which calculates literally every conceivable QM model )

So I’m talking to you now like someone who doesn’t have a clear view yet.

Freely after Socrates our Prof ” harry ” always proclaimed

” You don’t even know what you don’t know.”

I am now conducting a Socratic Dialogue with you.

The spin is quantized, has two settings plus or minus one or minus one.Up and Down. In which units, we should not worry now.

The spin is a “rotational pulse” after all; Imagine that we measure the components one by one

S_x = ( + 1 ) ; S_y = ( – 1 ) ; S_z = ( + 1 ) ( 1 )

where the measurement results are arbitrarily assumed in ( 1 ).Then the resulting spin vector shows in rochtung the space diagonal and according to Pythia and Gora’s root ( 3 )

And here you can already see how philosophy comes into the QM; Philosophy is a return to the meaning of what we say.

What kind of spacedigonale?

Our cartesian ( x ; y ; z ) axis cross is freely rotatable in space.

After all, there is no direction in the room that would be excellent as a diagonal of space.

And even if; Spin ” Root ( 3 ) ” we had said, there is no.

There are only the two settings Up and Down.

Naa?Is the old man above the clouds perhaps smarter than you?

Somehow it has to work; Let’s look at his hat-playing.

Our quantization rule proves to be UNAGREE with the most elementary laws of EUCLITIC GEOMETRIE .

The way out; nacn of the S_y measurement, we do not measure S_z now, but take an S_x control measurement again for safety.

And that’s where we experience our blue miracle.The measurement does not reproduce S_x = Up , but you will probably get fifty: fifty the value Up or Down.

The Copenhagen interpretation says yes; originally, the electron does not have any of the three spin components.And right now it only owns the ones you measured grade. Also only to know two spin components at the same time; There is also a Heisenberg ianness for this.

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