What does no one understand about depression?

Depressionism is individual and very multifaceted and different in people.Some are saddened to death and cry and do not know why, some others are exuberant, so one might think: do they always have such a day?

Many people (sometimes relatives) cannot put themselves in the patient’ way.Actually, you have a beautiful life. When it goes well a job, partnership and good friends. And yet one simply feels a silence and emptiness in soul life. Often you are also “burnt out” so to speak exhausted and one does not understand why. Many patients then do not manage their daily lives. This starts with the fact that the body forces you to your knees and you literally can’t even get up. The lack of drive takes its course. Some also get panicked or develop further fears. Example: oh God so much paperwork and invoices. And then there are also some patients who become aggressive due to depression. This starts with small things, why the patient gets upset so quickly. Most of the time, outsiders don’t understand why.

I once said to a doctor: How should relatives, friends or acquaintances understand me if I cannot understand myself……that was a legitimate question. And the doctor nodded.

The worst thing about depression is that it goes down like a spiral.You get into a vortex, so to speak, that literally pulls you down. In addition, (not all of them, but some) some people develop an addiction. Be it alcohol, drugs, forced washing, pressure to control, collecting and not being able to separate from objects… Etc. It’s totally different. Only all have one thing in common. Each of them has either experienced something bad. Even these can be different triggers. Whether it’s childhood that wasn’t easy, or a parent who was drunk. Maybe you had to take a beating in childhood. But it’s not just childhood that can be a trigger. Sometimes you have experienced a day in life that you couldn’t handle and you can’t deal with until now. Be it because you had to watch someone jump in front of the train. Or you had a serious accident yourself, or you were the victim of a crime.

But also separations orDivorce, debt or job loss (cancellation) can all be triggers for depression. In the worst case, you are “triggered” and everything comes at once and the soul collapses.

What I would like to say again here: The worst thing you can throw at a person suffering from depression are a few sentences like:

Don’t be have that!Tear yourself up! What are you, like a softie? Now be no mimosa! Stop fling! (This is just as wrong as telling a drinker to stop drinking.

Many of those suffering from depression are driven by perfectionism.Not because they want to be better than others, but rather because they want to do their job correctly and 100% safely.

Say someone who spends the day in bed because he is so powerless, actually wants to get up and do his day, but can’t because the body stops.

The outside world sometimes has no understanding for this.Because when the soul cries or burns, no one sees it. If you have a broken leg etc. then it is visible.

That’s what makes the subject so bad.You sometimes hide behind a mask. Many of the sufferers smile at you, their eyes and soul speak a different language.

Even I didn’t want to believe it or have it true that something is wrong with me.With my family and friends or colleagues, I was the sunshine. I couldn’t get out of my composure or. out of the frame. But I, too, had put on a mask for myself. I was always smiling no matter where I went or where I was because I was afraid that you would realize that I just couldn’t do any more. I was still in the company after a lot of redundancies. People were getting less and less, but the work wasn’t. They tried to do the work with the remnants, which had otherwise been done by 30 people. That you can’t win should be clear to everyone. Neither for the company nor for the employees, it was a milkmaid bill.

At some point my body definitely couldn’t work more (too much overtime, too little rest, hardly any social contacts) and I collapsed.The body had forced me to my knees. It wasn’t until my doctor’s confidence doctor described how I was doing, but I couldn’t put it into words at the time. He asked how gloomy the thoughts are. Rather grey or even darker. And I just said, I can’t do more and I see black. I have to admit that i had a magical urge to the rails at the time. The one where I was most afraid to see it again suddenly attracted me like that. That was the point where I came to the clinic! Yes, my doctor understood how i stood. And for those who have no idea of depression or trauma, just keep the door open and not make fun of these people.

After all, why are so many people killed?Because they either cannot open, or because they cannot seek help or because they can’t To want. Or they just don’t want to open up because they can’t find a doctor or therapist so quickly. That’s what it looks like! In today’s world, you have to expect a waiting period of up to 6 months, which you get an appointment first.This does not mean that you will be treated immediately. And then there is the search for a doctor or therapist with whom you get warm and where you can trust. After all, that’s where it goes. People talk about the abysses of your soul and you talk about topics that you never really wanted to talk about, because you thought I locked the subject in a drawer and threw away the key. But the head knows what the subject is or what it is. and much worse, the head knows exactly where the key lies. Once the therapist has figured out how to open this drawer, then all the dams break and only then does the hard work on oneself begin.

NOTE: If you think a lot about your own death or worry about a person, you can find anonymous help here:

Telephone pastoral care: 0800-111 011 1 or 0800-111 022 2 and on the Internet you can share on the Internet under Worries. Get immediate help 24 hours a day.

Help for relatives: Federal Association of The Mentally Ill Family on 01805 950 951, the landline number: 0228 710 024 24 and the e-mail address [email protected], trained counsellors can be contacted.

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