What does narcissists really care about?

What does narcissists really care about?In my experience, there are only three things that interest a narcissist;

  1. You yourself
  2. Protect your false image
  3. “Nutrition”

Everything a narcissism does is selfish.Every word, every act, action and gesture is a manipulation. They exist for a specific purpose, and that is a pure self-interest. They live in the present. Do whatever they want, regardless of the consequences. Consequences mean nothing to them.

They are master manipulators because they have no conscience.They have no regrets. They feel no remorse. You don’t feel an emotional connection with anyone.

They are as interchangeable as a battery.This is the hardest thing for people to understand. They are never important to them. They see you only as an extension of themselves. What do you do for them? How you feel it. Their feelings and emotions are irrelevant to them.

Yes, narcissists can sometimes show emotion.

You can cry, you can feel hurt, but it’s not what you think. These tears are in their stnotated. They are not for you. They don’t think about what they’ve done. They are not remorseful for the way they treated you. They behave like a five-year-old when you take away your toys. You’re going to get a tantrum. They will play the victim. They will say and do everything to serve their own interests. The clinical term is “Narcissistic Injury,” but it’s really just a pity party. And everyone is invited.

If you stop meeting your needs, you will be replaced.Just as easy and effortless as you change the batteries in your TV remote.

The narcissistic “false self” is their most valuable possession.

It is their mantle of normality that allows them to disguise their true nature. And they will guard it with their lives. It’s all they have. Exposure is really the only thing they fear. Because they are fully aware that their entire existence is a lie. And anyone who exposes a narcissism knows what the price will be.

The narcissist mask is all about perception.

Truth has no place in the life of a narcissist. All she cares about is what others think of them. They have carefully groomed and manufactured their false self. It is what allows them to go through as human beings.

They always carry their false self in public.

Mask their true nature for everyone except their partner. Always pay attention to their external appearance and how it is perceived by others.

I like the word when I describe the actions of a narcissist.

I really believe that they are vampires, parasites of the soul. They need sacrifices to “feed.” They love to create chaos where there is none. They love to control people through their emotions.

Our ability to love, compassion, compassion, are all things they see as weaknesses.They hold us in contempt because we feel these things. They enjoy the ability not to feel. But they covet it. Not out of envy. But out of hunger. A hunger that is satisfied by all necessary means.

They destroy your self-confidence, they make you insecure, they let you guess at second glance what you see, hear and feel.They will create doubts where there is none. They will play the victim. They will hurt you and the next moment they will turn to you and comfort you. And like an abused dog, you like to accept this “abuse” as kindness and love.

They systematically destroy any relationship you have with other people to isolate you.While whispering how much they love you in your ear, they also spread false rumors and allusions to everyone you know. And they are aware of what they are doing at all times.

They are always aware that they have prepared the stage for the final drop.They will drive you crazy. They will make you emotional. For everyone else, they will seem calm and healthy. While you look absolutely insane, uncontrolled and emotionally unstable. Because the only person who sees who they really are is you. And when you see who they really are, it’s crazy that no one else does.

That is all intentional.Look, they don’t just need your love and adoration. You don’t just want your praise. This position is reserved for the public.

They want that from you, too.But they also want your anger. They want your grief. They want your tears. They want your anger. They want to enjoy the chaos they have so carefully created. They want everything from it.

You want contact in some form.You want you to beg. They want you to scream. You want you to fight back. No matter what emotion you show them; In her twisted, 5-year-old little brain, it’s all the same. Because you’re still there. You still give them what they want. Food!

Make no mistake; Love, admiration, praise, misery, hatred, pain or other emotions are all the same to them.They will evade you, whatever they desire.

After all, they know what makes you tick.

They watched you, they tested you, they listened when you told them all your darkest secrets. You listened as you told them all your fears. You know you better than you do. They are not broken little children. You are bad. And they enjoy the misery they create and inflict.

You play with your weaknesses.You are putting your fears against you. This is how they make you stay. So they make you endure the hell they go through. They make your life nothing but chaos.

The saddest thing is that most people don’t even know they’re in this vicious circle.That’s exactly what the narcissist wants. You will use triangulation. They will use love bombs. They will become vacuum cleaners. You use passive aggressive techniques in ways you could never have imagined. Everything to keep you constantly confused and emotionally unstable.

They have no emotional attachment to you or anything.They can go away and never think of you again. Their spouses, their children, their grandchildren are all just feed. Accessories for the mask they wear. Everything can be replaced. All just as unimportant.

They will never change.

They don’t want to change. They are not mentally disturbed. They are morally disordered. There is no hope. If you stay, they will destroy you mentally and physically. You count on your ignorance, hope and compassion to willingly endure the chaotic nightmare in which they thrive.

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