What does it mean to be a ‘ gentleman ‘ in modern culture?

My definition of a gentleman….

A gentleman keeps an overview, sees what is happening, and makes sure that the other (s), without the sight of the person (M/F), feel at home.

He does not condemn and assess.

Looks at everything with a friendly smile, listens, is modest and creates a snug environment for you in which you know you’re safe.

No tricks, no mannerisms from a booklet but a basic attitude that goes beyond keeping a single door open.He is the shepherd, a good house father and judge in one. Reliable and sacrifice-minded.

A gentleman focuses attention and energy entirely on you and stays in the background.You feel and know that he is there and enters the foreground when he deems it necessary. A gentleman does not recognize his appearance but of attitude and behaviour.

In my humble opinion, the classical characteristics of the gentleman, precisely in this modern increasingly superficial culture, have become even more relevant.


My husband likes to be a true gentleman and he loves to appreciate it.

It gives him confidence and he wants to show everyone that he loves me and how important I am to him. His ways often remind me of my grandfather. A very galante man.

On our first date my husband had taken butter hamlets for me.Really very cute. In the beginning his way of doing for me was very much getting used to. I am very much on myself and independent, also opinionated, I want to try it myself, because then I learn the fastest. Let him be the ‘ strong ‘ (according to society then), I found tricky, I am after all rete dominant, but in the end I thought to myself about who is this actually going?

This is his way of expressing his love to me.If I can’t appreciate that because I might seem weaker then, gee how far from home am I actually? So I’m just not able to accept love as it comes, then I’m not even worthy of his love.

At the time I accepted his love, I noticed that it did not make me weaker at all.Only stronger. Previously I had never expressed my love “my Way” to him (or whoever), by accepting him I could also accept myself and I also dared to be much more myself. That has made our relationship, but also us as an individual much stronger.

Eventually, gentleman is going to be mainly around manners.Previously, you learned those ways more, today a lot less and the number of men who behave naturally as a gentleman is rare. So I am very economical on my husband!

Chivalry is dead.

Maybe it’s age, but young men of my age (25) I don’t find so gentlemen-ish anymore.

Probably I am an old soul and people will think that I am disadvantaged or women are inferior.But that is not the case. I only get the jitters of some women who call themselves a feminist and do not act there altogether.

But I personally love it as men: keep the door open, pay the bill on a first date, not sit on their phone during a dinner, do not expect the first date sex, ask if I have safely come home, dress neatly at occasions etc.I can still continue.

But unfortunately, the use of social media will increasingly wipe out my ideal image.These are the open relationships. Ehh because of this, being a gentlemen for many men is also really low on the list come to fear I. A relationship but in addition 3 more? What a gentlemen.

In My imaging is a gentlemen also romantic?But maybe I’ve watched too many movies. That probably.

I don’t see how you are just being very polite to women that degrades you women or sees lower in some way.No, we are very capable. I can open the door myself first and pay the bill. In fact, men have often offended when I offered to pay. And I do like a masculine man. And I don’t mean The Rock. But men who know what they are doing and are attentive and can take care of you. People scare them when I say so. But I think almost all women want that. Someone who CAN take care of them. I can also take care of myself, but I also look for (also have) someone who can. It’s a win win situation for me:)

Do not entirely agree with Quora user in this case.
In my opinion, offering a jacket, opening a door or sliding a chair backwards does not mean that you are assessing a woman as weak.It means that you take as much account as possible the small thingies in whatever culture that may be and whether it is a woman “without or with crat skirt”. It also means that when a woman indicates that she is not happy with it (which I haven’t encountered yet), you then accept that opinion and try to adjust your behavior.

It’s mainly about trying to listen and do your best for her.But as far as I am concerned, a ‘ gentleman ‘ in modern culture seems as much as possible on a ‘ gentleman ‘ of the old culture. There wasn’t that much wrong with it though.

Addition for the ‘ gentleman ‘ of modern culture: don’t sit on your mobile during a date!

What it is not especially for me is to see women as weaker beings who, above all, have to be protected against everything and anything, because ‘ we men ‘ do so much better.It is not someone who considers women too weak to do their own coat, open a door or sit down in a restaurant.

The reason that a ‘ real gentleman ‘ had to do this dates back to the time of the hoop skirts, where women could indeed hardly have a door and needed help to sit down.But that time is far behind us.

A ‘ gentleman ‘ or ‘ gentlewoman ‘, is someone who-as the word suggests-‘ gentle ‘, is kind, gentle. But without losing themselves.Someone who stands up for what he or she is for, without hurting others.

Someone who supports others in the way that other person needs it, not the way in which he or she deems it necessary.

A very long time ago extinct kind of man.
For me, “gentlemen” on a door means WC.
In modern culture, the characteristics of a gentleman are not even recognized:
He never wears sandals.Practices open-air sports where no noise or cheering is to come. He puts his phone out at the table. Gives a correct tip. Does not use a hair dryer. Before a lady goes up the stairs. Is not afraid to tell the truth. Is friendly with staff. Keeps the door open for someone on his path. Gives a firm handshake. Lights up the hearth with one match. Reminds themselves of names. Can open the S closure of a BRA with one hand. Makes a perfect risotto. Gives only a handshake to a stretched hand. He is spontaneous. He knows when to keep his mouth. He takes time for intimacy and freeages. His shoes are always polished.

Every man can be a man, but a gentelmen is a (behavioral) choice a characteristic.A man who behaves courtely to others at all times. It can be a lifestyle that you try to meet as much as possible (or sometimes occasionally). Or it is your institution that you have and you are naturally already more or less.

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