What does Brexit have to do with the US election campaign?

Or, to put it another way, was Brexit a test run for the populists in America’s presidential election campaign?

What sounds like a conspiracy at first seems to be confirmed by recent research in Britain: indeed, the same mechanisms were used in the 2016 Brexit referendum as they did later in the TRUMP campaign.Here, too, a few important people took part in both election campaigns: Nigel Farage (co-founder of the Brexit party), Arron Banks (Brit. businessman), Steve Bannon (former Adviser US President, Breitbart News Board member) and Robert Mercer (Us-American IT/Media Billionaire, co-founder Cambridge Analytica).

Meanwhile, the National Crime Agency is investigating The Brexit case.In fact, more and more unpleasant details of the Leave movement are coming to light in England. Farage had received one of the biggest donations of all time in Britain in the Brexit vote: from an insurance banker whose companies desperately needed money to stay liquid. How can such a person donate such a large amount to the party when insolvency is imminent? The money may not have come from him, but from companies based in Gibraltar and the Isle of Man, which would have interfered in the election campaign. The trail leads to America to Mercer. In concrete terms, the Crime Agency has yet to trace the veiled funding campaigns, but it is already clear that Farage’s party was specifically in breach of two British requirements, on the one hand only a certain amount of money can be donated to a political camp, to the foreign money may not be used for others. These two infringements are already certain to be proven. Paradoxically, only one fine was imposed on the party. Nor will the referendum be repeated in the event of manipulation. This is not provided for in British law.

Farage spoke candidly about how closely the two camps worked together: ‘Before, I had (Farage) no allies in the media, no voice.Steve (Bannon) helped us. If you suddenly have several votes on your side, it changes everything. Quote Farage in an interview with the journalist Dirk Laabs (who had researched funding in the Brexit campaign). It leads a trail to a now not completely unknown company: Cambridge Analytica. Here, too, The Brexiteers resorted to the same mechanisms as in the US election campaign: concrete, personalised advertising slogans for the population. Difference: this advertisement was only visible to Analytica, facebook and the user and went offline again afterwards. Content of this ad would not withstand journalistic scrutiny in hindsight, were often nothing but pure invention. Previously, illegal data was collected from users in order to personalize the advertisements online. Even if people didn’t clearly realize that the Brexit movement was behind it. For example, a seemingly harmless ad titled: Save the Whales if you’re voting leave and click here for more. If the user then clicked on this advertisement, Analytica was already able to read out data of this one person: movement scourge, Facebook post about the political attitude, habits, etc. This helps enormously with targeted advertising for the Leave election, nothing more than election manipulation.

We all know that this referendum went well for Brexit supporters.So the system worked great and Bannon transferred (as successfully as we know) to the Trump campaign.

In summary, the Brexit referendum can already be seen as a test run of this electoral manipulation for the US presidential election campaign.

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