What does a narcissist do when you recognize his narcissistic behavior?

What does a narcissist do when you recognize his narcissistic behavior?


A narcissist is unlikely to have dealt with the issue, whether you recognize his behaviour or not, he will either run away or like a 5-year-old child who doesn’t get the attention he needs.This also applies to narcissists.

The question should be asked in this way; “What do I do when I realize I’m dealing with a narcissist”

Mister Master of desaster is an immature child inside, the people around IT are toys that you use as long as it is good for him.If not more, it puts the toy in the basement and gets another one.

It can take months, years, ES (N) gets the old toy out of the basement to see if it’s still interesting.

Even faster this time it gets bored by the toy and will probably hit the doll’s head, but puts it back in the basement to fetch it again.This can take years, and If Mister empty shell, if all supply sources fail, he gets the broken doll again to make it quite ready.

Humans are objects to narcissists.To tell a narcissist IT is a narcissist does nothing, he will not change the behavior.

It’s a broken operating system, there’s nothing wrong with it, except narcissistic insult and that can be dangerous.You can get quite angry. Ever watched an angry monkey at the zoo?

Narcissists are so destructive in relationships that it is impossible to create harmony.They hate harmony, there must always be chaos and drama.

If you recognize the narcissist in partnership, run for your life.

That goes 100% wrong.A narcissist will never be understanding.

The narcissist often ends a relationship out of the blue, leaving the partner with 1000 question signs, which exactly triggers the trauma bonding.That’s what the narcissist wants, they want to see you suffer, which gives them narcissistic intake again. It’s just crazy what’s going on in such a person.

I always told my last ex; “You have to endure, you can,” “You’re a sadist.”

Mr. Lover knows this very well, you won’t get any answers, and the ones you get are so paradoxical to behavior that you no longer understand the world.

Another very important point: when a narcissist has stopped, he is far from finished with the person.At some point, he will try to recapture his toys with all the arts of seduction, only to put it back in the cellar in the faster cycle.

It doesn’t really matter if a narcissist knows that he is one, it’s important that you are aware of it yourself and really understand this disorder.

No relationship with a narcissist is possible, certainly not on an equal footing.Communication is a pure disaster, because anything it says can be used against it.

And please don’t always ask what the narcissist thinks, it’s shit no matter what he thinks, it’s much more important that you recognize the toxic patterns and draw a line for you.

No, don’t think about revenge!!!!!!That does no good for anyone.

NO CONTACT and on in life!

Narcissist= Sadist

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