What do you want to share with us about your personal development in sexuality and romance? The experiences and the skills you have received.

When a woman undressed to want to have sex with me, I see this as a border diversion of the woman and at that moment I get the honour of being able to regard this woman naked and completely fragile and also to respect for this surrender in her nakedness.At that time, the sexual act becomes an art object for me personally and I see her as a painting that can have many ways of interpretation. To be able to figure out the true symbolic value of this art, I will study her in detail and paint the lines through her body with my mind and move myself with all my senses in the brush that slowly line the cloth for Line painting to eventually obtain the beauty that it represented in its entirety. I want to be able to satisfy her with all the passion I am presenting and visualizing in a studio with the right emotion and background music appropriate to leave her at the centre of the white canvas and her innocent nudity To give unprecedented value with a brush.

Anyway but to give it a good example;-)

I’m an open book in my other contributions so I’m not spamming here.Furthermore, I only know that as a child I was quite sensitive and also sensual. The first experience is rather proto-sexual, when I was playing around my 6th year with a cute girl under the sheets, a pretty innocent happening without the hormones drifting that you get in later age. Fortunately a rather positive experience. It was, incidentally, her idea, as far as I know, haha.

Later activities were somewhat clamped in terms of experience, although I have fortunately not experienced any abuse.As an adult I was actually still a pretty brave Henry, if I should compare it. My awareness was loured and the unwritten rules of not being overly enthusiastic with sensuality to be busy from a rather traditional-Christian approach, although it was really not as bad as the imaging that the media often pretends to be.

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A personal development that I have had to spend is to open me up to intimacy.To date I have been truly in love once. That also resulted in my first relationship. Before, of course, I had some of the time, but the sexual contact that took place with such persons was superficial and purely sexual. During my first relationship, I found out that my brain and body were completely locked as soon as I watched my partner in the eyes during sex. That was a vulnerability I had never felt before: a sense of fear, shame and inferiority. Where that came from, I didn’t know. M芒 鈧劉 N Partner was very sweet, the sex was always good and we had a sincere, nice click with each other. However, as soon as intimacy came to mind and sweet things were said, I switched both mentally and physically.

It took a long time before I could let go of this and assure myself that I could be myself in my relationships.In my opinion a crucial and valuable lesson.

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