What do you think of this video about how to learn a language?

Ok, you literally asked:

Body Language: Not Ok, I have watched the first time without sound.Considering I’m going to learn something from you, an enthusiastic, interested and warm look is important. After 24 seconds I was really fed up and after 30 seconds I stopped it. You look away from the camera.. This is how you are talking to someone but are not actually interested in the conversation and looking around you.

Language: I apologize but you really speak inthe.I really need to do my best to understand you at all and that doesn’t give any confidence to want to learn something from you. In addition, you make language mistakes in your movie such as “How to progress furthermore (00:14)”

Image: A half-dead plant and a forgotten aquarium (?) with, where it remotely resembles what I am concerned, a pot Nutella or something like that drives my attention.It’s cool that you drink Chaudfontaine… But the cap is there from!!!
Also, I see your notes.What I want to say with it: there are so many elements that distract from your message.

For literally 25 euros you can put a decor at the Ikea together

The presentation of the knowledge you want to convey invites you to work with graphics.Now it’s 1 stream of words and makes me quick to hook.

Sound: Your microphone is not sufficient.. Sound is almost more important than image quality.Invest in acceptable equipment..

As for the content of your video.I think if your movie reproduces with some adjustments, the content will be much better picked up. So now I am not doing any statements about it.

Very direct and hard maybe but I want to end up with two positive points:

  • Your subtitle is correct.

It’s boss!

  • You’ve just recorded something and asked Wild strangers for feedback.
  • That requires courage and an entrepreneurial spirit.


    I would recommend you to include this video in Dutch.Your English is very strongly accented, you stumble upon words, and because the sound quality is not very good it soon becomes very unintelligible.

    If you want to reach an international audience, you better make English subtitles, or find someone who speaks better English.

    It is quite interesting to know how you can learn each language.But your presentation suppresses the message. And quite frankly, if you want to teach me how to learn a language, in a language that you are not powerful enough to speak fluently, then your message is not very good at all.

    I agree with Shailinder that it is very brave to do so and ask our opinions.I look forward to a next video:)

    Start by buying a new quality webcam and/or microphone.The advantage of a webcam is that people do not see a microphone in the picture. But most visitors do not find the microphone disturbing at all.

    By putting a microphone near your mouth you can make the sound a hundred times better.

    Then you can still use software like OBS studio with audio filters.You can play with it just as long until you sound perfect. You can remove the entire background noise. You have to practice that.

    If you want to make it really nice buy or make a green screen.That may just be cardboard e.g. So it doesn’t have to be expensive. Then you can, again with the free OBS Studio, set chroma key and replace the background with, for example, a completely white ‘ wall ‘. Or you can put certain texts or figures on it. You can even create a ‘ fun ‘ background from, for example, the country you are talking about. Can you imagine how much more fun it is to learn American English if you see the White House in the background instead of someone’s living room?

    I watched the video and try to listen to it.That video is far from perfect and yet it is one of the few that has gotten me a thumbs up. Why? I appreciate that someone takes the trouble thinking about learning a language and making us share his thoughts. And the core message is also worthwhile. Roughly that: don’t make yourself too difficult, make use of the possibilities the Internet offers and above all: learn by doing. I don’t know if your concept is the best method for everyone to learn a language, but it is in any case an alternative to be considered. And people are different so the method that is optimal for everyone probably doesn’t exist at all.

    In itself, it is a good feat that you have managed to get so much sense of commentary.Do what I do with your video: Pick up the things that appeal to you, think about the things you’re not sitting in the first place. Also enjoy the positive comments. And then pick up three to five improvement suggestions for your next video. And forgeant on Devient Forgeron.

    If I see which answers you have given an upvote and a comment here and there, then I don’t need to warn you of defensive responses, so that’s okay.You also don’t seem to be someone who is quickly leaving the field by negative reactions, because that would be a shame.

    I have given a lot of effort and a lot of preparation an expos茅 about a particular subject in a small hall with 50 people and I thought I had finished well.But a friend who is much better at speaking in public, said Thrivers: “It is amenable to improvement”. I thought it was good, in reality it was just enough and with a lot of practicing and listening to advice it has become a thick seven later.

    Too bad he made a video of it instead of writing it down.I understand nothing about it.

    It is almost incomprehensible for a few objective reasons and body language is, in my view, humble opinion at all.That may be better, but there are more serious problems:

    • The microphone is too distrset (closer)
    • Trying to make too long sentences
    • Too much hesitate, better so write text, as a handhold.
    • Inconsistent accent (here is not a quick fix, but a lot of listening to American or Brit or Australian or… but not all at once interchangeably.


  • Pronunciation errors: You speak the English word (“Wuird”) as the Dutch word (which we speak as “word”).
  • The voiced consonants in English are not voiceless as in Dutch where we say the “HonT is doot(also use the pronunciation function of Google)

  • Explaining how you can check the pronunciation of a word and not be able to do it yourself, is almost kolder level, sorry.
  • Everyone knows the feeling: to speak another language, that is in it starts coming out of your comfort zone and that does not happen here.
  • Maybe this sounds hard, but it’s really concrete points that can be worked on.In my opinion, this is from someone in training to become a teacher. Why not ask your teacher for feedback? Not doing that? Can really imagine this in the teacher training at the Flemish colleges and it is not correct.

    Another tip: this summer with the backpack through England!

    In my mail I got the question what I think of the accompanying video, so here is my answer.By no means do I feel expert in the field of presentation, but still the following.

    You may have something important to tell about language learning, but that doesn’t come about.Unfortunately I have not been able to listen attentively enough to be able to talk to you about the subject itself, how to learn a language, but with your intro I agree: You can learn any language spoken by people at any level management Sen.

    I had the impression that the person in the clip was forced to make it, but actually with his thoughts elsewhere, and if it does not interest the speaker, it does not interest me either.. Maybe all interesting what was said (haven’t looked it out, sorry) but if the audience is not reached the message will be lost.And it was also hard to listen to someone who didn’t actually speak clearly (and sound open did not help). Maybe better articulate, or a better sound system, or both? Just start again, show some more enthusiasm, great success.

    My thoughts…

    Clearly NOT a native speaker.Pronunciation is off the charts! Maybe try another language or even better try teaching your own language. I also fell asleep after about 1 minute…

    All comments here (Dutch and English) are correct in many aspects so I won’t comment on them.But I have an itch of which I must scratch! Here comes:…

    • Always face the camera and look into it, like you are talking to an audience, which you really, by the way!
    • Always Prepare before recording!

    In This video you clearly did not.
    Because you are not a native speaker you seem to be translating everything in your head.

  • A small but significant point to mention… Next time try to focus the camera on yourself and not on your surroundings.
  • I could go on and on but that’s a waste of everyones time, so I won’t.

    Those were my thoughts.CYA Next time!

    Ekim signing off…

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