What do you think of the proposal by the Italian politician Matteo Salvini to chemically neuter rapists?

Well, it would be a rather strange punishment, but it would certainly, realistically, ensure that the rapists lack the necessary interest to live out their perversion.In addition, there is also a drift-lowering drug.

Chemical castration:

“Through hormone treatment, the function of the germ glands (gonades) and thus the sex drive is overridden.In the case of men, so-called GnRH analogues (Abk. for “gonadotropin-releasing hormone”) which reversibly suppress testosterone formation. This also works with some drugs that are similar to natural hormones. These are injected under the skin – once a month or at intervals of two or two, depending on the preparation. three months.”

In some countries it is still common to neuter sex offenders, some without consent (Wikipedia excerpt):

Chemical and surgical castration of offenders

The irreversible intervention of surgical castration was often carried out in case of repeatedly relapsed and otherwise unaffected sex offenders.In Poland, convicted perpetrators can be chemically castrated since criminal law was tightened in 2009 in order to reduce the risk that continues to be posed by the perpetrators.

In the Czech Republic, the surgical castration of convicted sex offenders is only possible with their consent, following criticism from the Council of Europe and a tightening of the law.

In the past ten years, 94 sex offenders have been surgically neutered here and more than 300 have undergone chemical castration.

The (reversible) hormonal castration by antiandrogens continues to be carried out in individual states of the USA in sex offenders (with their consent).

The treatment of sex offenders by castration is much less effective than is widely assumed in public: there have been a number of cases where chemically or physically castrated people continue to be committed sexual offences.”

There was such a case in 2013 in Switzerland, where a paedosau did this voluntarily and was allegedly rehabilitated (sorry, only hate for Pädos):

“I had myself chemically neutered”

Personally, I would like rapists/paedophiles to be chemically castrated.But only in case of recidivism. For the “first time” you should impose a sentence of at least 10-12 years without parole.

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