What do you think of the newspaper NRC? Is It independent or tends it to a certain political point of view?

The NRC Handelsblad has emerged from the new Rotterdam Courant and the Algemeen Handelsblad.These newspapers belonged to the Liberal pillar. Say VVD and D66.

This liberal sound is still to be heard.NRC Handelsblad will thus display a (progressive) liberal vision, just as the Telegraph reflects a more conservative liberal vision.

I like to read the NRC, I think it’s a good newspaper.However, I would not say any newspaper that it is neutral, nor NRC. All forms of media are coloured in a certain way nowadays.

NRC is a fine newspaper, but money must be earned.Once your ads place large financial concerns, you are already no longer independent. They bring so much money into the last that you are secretly becoming somewhat milder in your reporting.

Furthermore, you have no story without an angle.A Saudi newspaper will probably defeat a large terrorist Muslim attack other than a western newspaper. Russian newspapers defeated the disaster with the MH17 other than Dutch newspapers. FOX defeats Trump’s presidency other than The New York Times. From the perspective of one, the other is biased. That may not really be so, they just have a different angle.

I am writing articles for Follow the Money.We are engaged in investigative journalism and we have no shareholders and no advertisements. But also I think in almost every story though ‘ what is a rat is that guy ‘. Legally, such a man is of course innocent until the contrary is irrefutably established. I am almost sure that his wife would put her hand in the fire for him. Her story about the same man would be very different.

Without an angle, you keep an arid story.

There are 3 serious and good newspapers in the Netherlands.

  • The Volkskrant, from very traditionally Catholic but now linksig.
  • The NRC, Economics and more rechtsig.
  • The faithful, originally faithful but now more philosophical, deeper.

(I’m atheist but find this the best. Now.)

For many years I always do 1 or 2 years alternately.Then the ‘ color ‘ is not bad, you filter it out. They are newspapers that have a colour but still highlight all aspects of a case. Usually.

All the other Dutch newspapers go from regional, to reasonable, but from what is meaningless of colour, without depth, to straight out disgusting and just write what customers want to read.Not what is important in society. And then it is not best with the DUTCH newspaper reader, if that image is so. Simplistic siever about “I know a lot who” who now lost her key again and through a step…. Afijn, you understand it. It’s the thickest newspaper but if you really read all the interesting articles you have it first off.(Yes I confess, on holiday it happens sometimes. Steels in a bag, not under your arm… Hope that nobody knows you anyway.)

The NRC is for knowledge and ‘ science is not a top newspaper anymore.It is occasionally ‘ sinned ‘ against correct rendering.

Politics?That’s why I don’t read him.

I think the NRC is an independent newspaper.The journalists are a mix from left to right and so there is balanced reporting.

No opinion-I read earlier FAZ or The Economist.

Independence in the press… Would be a nice idea

I’m sorry, but I’ve been reading no paper newspaper for more than ten years, my news is mainly from BNR News Radio, which is via the television news broadcast etc.

As far as I know, it seems to me to be one of the best, most objective newspapers in the Netherlands, not a sensation seeking “tabloid”.

According to information on Wikipedia (which is also not always fully trusted), the newspaper is ‘ liberal ‘.There is little political coverage.

The independence of a newspaper seems to me to be quite difficult to determine, incidentally.Whoever pays the ads keeps a newspaper floating.

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