What do you think of the English-language interface of Quora?

I am biased in terms of the Dutch interface, because I have been working on it for a while.
The Quora team has done a great performance and the rough edges have been eliminated in recent weeks.

I also hook up Quora user to the question so they can read along on feedback from others on the interface.

As for the remarks of René Beumers (no possibility to comment on his answer, bug or conscious?):

  • Questions which are translated from English are in most cases transferred by a bot to Dutch.
    In my opinion, answers in Dutch do not flow directly to English, but Quora users have the possibility to translate an answer in which the relationship to the original remains intact.
    The author of the original answer will also be notified.
  • The non-connection of questions on the Dutch situation (vice versa is also possible, questions about the Dutch pension system are often specifically Dutch) we have also discussed in smaller company, I expect the relationship between Dutch Questions and translated questions will improve to the extent the use of Quora EN increases.

The biggest “problem” I think is that I have been active on the English Quora for years and for my work also mainly with English work.

This makes me move less often to Quora NL to answer questions like this.

The interface differs not so much from the other languages.What I do miss is possibility to apply a question.

In addition, it strikes me that there are many questions translated from the English language.Who asked these questions? And he/she has something to my answer in Dutch.

Many of these questions have also been asked from the English or American culture.So not always following the Dutch.

I like the interface great.I don’t even notice that he differs from the English or German, which I have been working with for a few years. Now I came back two days ago that Q-NL existed at all (!!)… So maybe it’s still coming.

I am looking at the dire number of coffee and biscuit questions that are being asked, but perhaps that is appropriate for our culture.

I am very very hesitant for “copie” questions, so questions that mean the same thing.I am very much in English. People who simply push the question even though it says that same question, or a similar question with 154 answers where they can also extract their answer already 4 times. I hope that something will be found quickly.

I am HAPPY with Q-NL.

Personally I find Dutch terms for things where I have all my life English terms for use, confusing and I wish I could leave everything in English except the questions.E.g. ‘ Submit ‘ as I type. That word I always used for tangible things, and then I still use send mostly. All that Dutch I associate with media for small children, not a serious question Baak-app/-site.

What I miss-and what the English version does have-is the ability to share a link with a short comment.

Maybe you could replace an English cry like “upvote” with something Dutch, like a “feather”.You give people a feather anyway?

Further praise.

I also read the Dutch Quora with great pleasure.And every time I am impressed by the thoughtful way in which many people formulate their answers. I pay a lot of it. I also like to be active, am more of a niche writer but like to be able to make my contribution and see that it is appreciated.

I enjoy the emptiness of the void that will soon flow full of padding.What a busy Bedouin, which is standard English-language interface. Come say. As such, to all present and faithful followers of this private community “Welcome!” and “Enjoy it!” We deserved it. This freedom will not last. Furthermore, I cannot wait for a variant in Swahili. Finally, every “native-speaking”, linguitiable and literate fellow man deserves their own interface.

If I give a Dutch-speaking answer, I can’t transfer that directly to my Quora blog.That only goes with English-language answers.

And one more serious point of criticism: what does that Dutch flag actually do at “Kent Netherlandss“?

Surely it is not “Kent Netherlands”?

Criticism is easily given, so:

I would like to be able to put any reply to my blog from any language.

Can we invent something else iconographically for “Dutch” instead of the Dutch flag?



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