What do you think of the current situation in Chemnitz?

In Chemnitz, something has obviously happened that is heating up people’s minds and dividing the camps.Even here on Quora, schreiber get into the hair verbally, which I have experienced as reflective and matter-of-fact. I just want to try to bring in some structure.

So what happened?We know of a murder or manslaughter, allegedly a failed robbery, in the side area of the city festival. As a result, a number of citizens took to the streets to mourn, but this was quickly absorbed by xenophobic forces and shaped for their own purposes. This led to documented verbal and physical attacks on foreign-looking individuals.

If we can reach an agreement on this, I would take up the background next.

Foreigners and crime
In addition to Dresden and Leipzig, Chemnitz is the point of contact for first receptions in Saxony, with a total of about 1000 seats.Although, in my experience, these initial reception facilities (EAE) are very overcrowded, there are no official figures. But that is enough.
In an EAE, all asylum seekers are taken in, usually until the application is processed.However, rejected people are generally not brought home immediately due to a lack of capacity, but remain in the camp for the time being.
The demographic composition of the camps reveals a very high proportion of young men, but also a few families and young women.

So we find in the institution a highly explosive mixture of unfulfilled hopes and dreams, disappointment, anger at the deceptive ideas that one has made for oneself or even a smuggler, boredom and excess non-degradable Testosterone and excessive boredom.This is allowed to smoulder for months, because the so-called patient sometimes have to remain in their camp until they are repatriated.

And regardless of ethnicity or culture or whatever distinguishes people from people, it should be clear to everyone how this charge discharges.

The Chemnitz Nazi

The police crime statistics for 2017 were recently published.It shows that overall crime has fallen. The proportion of foreign criminals has increased somewhat overall, but tourists are also included here. If the offences are classified only by age and sex of the perpetrator, there is even a very small increase in the group of young men.

The only problem is that the young men from abroad usually appear cumulatively, while the German young men spread themselves quite well.As a result, unfortunately, the crimes are also gathering locally, so that in Chemnitz, for example, 12 serious offences committed by asylum seekers in the last two years, i.e. homicides, rapes and serious bodily injuries, including against police officers, are too common. were recorded. In addition, there are a number of minor offences.

In addition, since the Cologne New Year’s Eve at the latest, the media have discovered the subject for themselves, which makes it seem a pervasive danger.

In any case, the fact that many East Germans still feel, or even amplified, as second-class citizens should also be included, which will also have to do with the hopes that have been at least partly disappointed, which have been borne by the turning point. Were.In connection with these factors, the impression may arise that the political leaders have left them alone. Of course, the right-wing insurgents liked to jump into this gap, which ultimately led about 3,500 out of almost 245,000 Chemnitzers to organize the above-mentioned “Mourning March”.

What do you think of it?

In my opinion, the case shows a very clear division within the ‘German’ society.It’s always just “They did this and that.” Quora responses, too, always insulted any group of people who are wrong. Only one thing is always forgotten: in the end, it is all human beings. People who see reasons for what they do. It is natural not always to agree, but in the end all those involved were just trying to solve the problems they felt exposed to. Anyone who would be really interested in a peaceful society should start right there.

It was not just any Kanake or Nazi pig who committed an evil act, but a person whose social situation made it seem reasonable to do what he did.And this is never improved by exclusion and demonization, but by open and understanding, solution-oriented discourse. If this usus were in our “German” culture, such events would certainly be prevented in advance.

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