What do you think of Polyamorie?

Nice question.It used to be ‘ not existed ‘ and was always called ‘ cheating ‘ if you wanted more than 1 partner. Or it was called polygamy and was part of an old-fashioned religious context. That is unfortunate and short-sighted.

I always compare polyamory with good friends.How many good friends/girlfriends do you have? 1? Most people find that very little.

Would you find it good if your romantic monogamous partner says: I have no friends, only some very intimate good girlfriends with whom I can discuss for nights, do fun things and have fun.In fact, that is already a relationship, but without sex.

If a man wants to have someone next to him as a life partner and share everything with that person then it is monogamy.But if someone has several people to share life with, I see it more like an extensive friends network. Sex is then a kind of encore, not even a requirement for the relationships.

I think that for a polyamorist it is not so black white, in the sense sex = relationship, no sex = no relationship.We have relationships with everyone, and sex is 1 factor which is considered by some to be so crucial that it directly defines a relationship. That will not apply to everyone.

I myself have a monogamous relationship, but in the past I was not so fastly.Yet I was in the standard picture to be monogamous, just to satisfy a kind of ideal, of which I also did not know what to do with it. I had a lot of girlfriends with whom I cuddled, touched, and had intimate conversations, but had no sex. Somewhere you had the idea that if you had sex then you should be automatically ‘ boyfriend/girlfriend ‘, and thus monogamous.

But I also did have one-night stands, and it’s suddenly not so. All very confusing, of course.

Fortunately, many people now know of polyamory and there is a less clear distinction and that means more choice, and that is always good.Something for everyone. It is now starting to become a nice sliding scale!

  • MGTOW = Men Going Their Own Way: Men who decide not to have a relationship because that is too demanding. So they can have sex, but completely untethered (ie.

Only one night stands, or prostitution).

  • Incels = Involuntary Celebate.
  • This is the most extreme form, in which men are so negative about women that all women are considered the culprit for their ‘ celibacy ‘. A weird term because celibacy means you choose not to have sex. Maybe I am an old soul, but I find this really horrible.No no then I prefer to believe in fairy tales. I believe that love between two people is the best. This not sharing, in any way whatsoever with a third or fourth party. Even if it’s only sexual, you don’t.

    Disclaimer For clarity.This is my opinion. If you are a woman or a man who is in an open relationship that you both agreed to, congratulations. You are lucky and I wish you all the happiness. I do not do it to you. This I mean not sarcastic. I really respect couples who can do this seriously.

    I am probably still young so I will have a lot of experience but I hope never.If my partner ever says to me 芒 鈧?虄treasure what do you think of an open relationship 芒 鈧劉 then I run screaming (howling) away. I would feel insulted and hurt.

    Love is something special and I think if you really like someone a person is enough. Trust me I芒 鈧劉 m more than enough.Clever of you if you still have time and desire to find someone else.

    I also think that you as a woman must keep the honor of yourself.You Wan芒 鈧劉 t more? You can have more without me. I find it really an insult. Am I not enough? You are funny is my answer then. No with such a type I don’t even want to share my life. In my view, these are typical people who always think that there is something better for them. The grass is always greener across the street.

    In addition, jealousy is an emotion that you cannot turn on and off.Jealousy will certainly play with me in that case. That’s not a nice feeling.

    Also, I don’t think it’s a fresh idea if my partner often shares the bed with another.You understand what I mean. Yeah sorry. I really like this.

    I also don’t think it fits life and I don’t think it’s masculine.Just choose someone don’t go walking around looking who’s better. Are you so sexually curious that you can’t get that to your wife? Then you discuss it?

    Plus, do you really have time for so many relationships?Is One Not enough? When I look at my relationship I don’t even have time for someone. Let alone make sense. And all the things that come with it.

    Unfortunately, many women also think like me (a pity he) but I know that many women walk over them.They Love too much. They let men do their thing because they don’t want to lose him. I’ve seen it so many times. Really very pathetic.

    Life cannot always be put to your hand.Many people want that in a relationship too. Always get everything they want. I think an open relationship is just easy for some. Enjoy everywhere. I have much more respect for men who just show who they really love. The one and only. Men who are loyal. No you are not if you still share with 3 other bed, sorry not sorry. You can say what you want but then he just enjoys a little too much and he takes you on the heel. What do he have? Just stability huh.

    It’s the gems of exceptions that are open minded.Some men have luck with that. The women I know are all not so.

    I believe that a man himself must choose what kind of relationship he has.Nowadays, relationship forms or marriages are possible that were still impossible 50 years ago. The total divorce rate was in 2017 at 38.8%. You should conclude from this that a monogamous relationship is not ideal either.

    Proponent of.You only have to stand strong in your shoes, communicate very well, be loving to yourself and others, and do it for the right reason.

    Everyone has the right to choose what kind of intimate relationships they want.

    No person has the right to look down on people who form a different relationship than 芒 鈧?虄the Norm芒 鈧劉 want.

    So also content that someone with more free intimate life choices has no right to look down on people who want to have a traditional relationship/life.

    Weird (and yet again not, but anyway, not acceptable) enough I have also experienced that people who now finally have the freedom to make a more free choice in how they want to lead their intimate life, are just as narrow-minded in their views on how the rest VD World wants to live.What is monogamous yet again.

    Maw, let everyone lead their lives as they wish.And let everyone in their value.

    And what I also think is very important, be honest about it.About who you are and what you offer the other in a relationship.

    Even a conman doesn’t like to be contraded.The most intense emotions in life is love and intimacy. Respect it and the other therefore.

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