What do you think of Islam?

Islam is one of the greatest world religions and I must also take note as a critic of religion that it exists in its most diverse forms – and that in human beings belong to those who are not unintelligent – and as in Islam as well as in other religions. Contradictions exist which can only be explained irrationally.
Islam has many similarities with Judaism and Christianity, but differs in fundamental things.The creation myth is similar,
Their bans and prohibitions are less extensive and stringent in terms of food than in Judaism.
And as in Judaism and Christianity, such prohibitions and prohibitions are incorporated into laws and jurisprudence in correspondingly shaped states.
So whoever “Sharia!” scherit should be reminded that even our legal bill in a secular state contains provisions (special protection of marriage, abortion, blasphemy, special rights for Christian churches and communities) which are based on the Christianity were directly based and taken from it.

who asks about Islam – should look for commonalities and quickly find what they are looking for.In addition to the creation doctrine and Moses, Abraham, the position of women, the death penalty, marriage, a legal system.
On the other hand, there is no “son of God” as a redeemer in Islam or Judaism; in Islam, Jesus is one of the main prophets.

Like Judaism, Islam lacks an age of enlightenment.Although Israel is an outwardly secular state, religiously oriented parties within the country ensure that more and more Jewish-religious regulations are incorporated into Israeli law.
In both Judaism and Christianity there is traditionally a parallel religious right and a parallel justice – because in all these religions there is a tension between religious and secular law.
And in every country there are religious hardliners who put their religious right as “God-wanted” above our secular right.
And that must be repelled in any case.

Is this “Whataboutism” now?
Whoever wants to understand Islam (and only then can someone allow a judgment to be made) must also understand Judaism ind Christianity – because there is the same origin and many similarities.
Our enlightenment is not based on the fact that people suddenly became atheists, on the contrary.It is based on the fact that they have also gained insight into allowing changes, reforms and other views.
Those who rail against Islam today are kwein far better than Jews who rail against Christianity or Muslims against Judaism.

The liberal believers must be given the same place in our society and respected in the same way – and, of course, the fundamental right to the free exercise of religion.
Only in the recognition of other religions and the conversation how to overcome the differences against islam also the chance for an enlightenment.

Have we forgotten that the counter-reformation, the hatred of Catholics for Protestantism, has brought us the most terrible of all the wars in Europe?
We should learn from this – and try to understand every religion and every world, but make it equally clear to the believers that our secular right applies here.’
And nothing else.Neither the beating of evangelicals, paedophilia in the Catholic Church nor “honour killings” by Islamists.
Anti-Muslim resentments are politically motivated combat doctrines that are just as indisputable and combatable in an open society.

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