What do you think of how Italy deals with Carola Rackete?

It is not a question of how Italy deals with Carola Rackete, but of whether Mrs Rackete committed an unlawful act.The competent prosecutor has ordered the lifting of house arrest because – all conspiracy theorists ears on! – no criminal offence was committed by Ms Rackete.

Here again, to counter the conspiracy theories that have spread here, an article from the left-wing battle paper Bento:

Arms dealer as a father?

What about the conspiracy theories about Carola Rackete nonsenseThe captain Carola Rackete is under house arrest in Italy because she docked with the sea rescue ship “Sea-Watch 3” and 40 refugees on board in the Italian port of Lampedusa.

The fact that she saved lives makes Carola Rackete a heroine for some, others see her as a criminal and now spread wild conspiracy theories about her online.

We took a closer look at them.

Is it financed by the arms industry?

The “Sea-Watch 3” had not yet entered the port of Lampedusa, as the Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini had already let himself be over the captain Carola Rackete: he called her a “little announcer” in a live stream on Facebook.She makes politics on the hump of migrants and is paid for by “whoever,” Salvini said. (SPIEGEL ONLINE)

For some right-wing Italian media, it was quickly clear where the sea rescuer’s money was supposed to come from: rackete’s supposedly wealthy father, who had become rich in the arms industry.A now-deleted Linkedin profile of Ekkehard Rackete stated that he was an adviser to the arms company “Mehler Engineered Defense”.

These messages also spread to German websites and blogs.On “Headlines of the Day“, a portal for right-wing conspiracy theorists, the father is quickly declared a “weapon dealer” and claims that the military industry benefits from “illegal migration”.

Fact: Ekkehard Rackete is a former lieutenant colonel in the Bundeswehr 鈥?and “Mehler Engineered Defense” is not an arms exporter.According to its own description, the company only manufactures protection systems for the military and civilian sectors.

The Austrian website “ Unzensuriert.at ” also suggests that Carola Rackete’s work in the sea rescue is “significantly co-financed by the father”.The site refers to an interview withEkkehard Rackete by the Italian newspaper Corrieredella Sera.

In the same interview, however, the father also said that his daughter herself earned enough to fund her volunteer work.

Should “Sea-Watch” have brought the rescued back to North Africa?

Headlines of the day “Sea-Watch 3” says it took in the 40 refugees “just off the coast of Libya,” suggesting they were still in Libyan territorial waters.According to Sea-Watch, however, the migrants were rescued from the water about 87 kilometres off the coast, in international waters. (stern.de)

Various right-wing media outlets are calling for rescued migrants to simply be taken to the nearest port 鈥?that is, to Libya or Tunisia. Rescue organisations such as Sea-Watch refuse to go to these ports, citing the law of the sea.

According to the 1974 International Convention for the Protection of Life at Sea (IMO), rescued personsmust be taken to a “safe place” http://werden.In Libya, there is civil war, refugees are sentto prison camps where they are threatened with torture and rape ( SPIEGELONLINE).

It would even be illegal to bring the rescued back here.According to NGOs, human rights violations are also commonplace in Tunisia, and Germany has still not classified Tunisia as a safe country of origin. From the point of view of “Sea-Watch”, the port of Lampedusa, some 200 kilometres away, was therefore the closest safe place to take the rescued migrants.

After the 16-day Odyssey in the Mediterranean, during which no country agreed to leave the ship ashore, Carola Rackete finally declared the maritime emergency, ignored the instructions of the Italian coast guard and sailed to the port of Lampedusa .

Do rescuers like Carola Rackete make people make the perilous journey across the Mediterranean in the first place?

This thesis is also widely used on right-wing blogs, but it has been proven by no means. This year, there were times when virtually no ships of private rescuers were sailing in the Mediterranean 鈥?due to strong political pressure from the Italian government, which also confiscated ships several times.More than 29,000 people nevertheless made the crossing this year. Nearly 600 of them did not survive. (IOM) bento.de

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