What do you think of a European identity card?

In principle, identieitsmaps within Europe are already valid.Outside yet.

That was where the passport was invented.That passport is more expensive in the purchase. The equting of costs would be a possibility.

Because of my work I sometimes have to check identity cards.Sometimes it is difficult to interpret those cards. So ID cards that resemble each other, on the weapon after and the words, would be a good idea they (see pic below). [1 Each map should provide a translation in English.French should be optional.

I hope this has answered your question.

Thank you for asking me this question Céline Décamps (Quora user).


[1 German identity card-Wikipedia

Needs.A Dutch card that is valid throughout Europe works fine. This is the central point for even more EUgedrochten, and that whole EU is already a monster with a water head.

What makes you feel more meaningful?Your identity will be no other.

For my feeling, identity cards (IK) are not something I desire, either: I don’t like having to carry a ik with me.

But in this time with more demand for control is a IK at should have probably inevitable.

And by the chip on your IK and by streamlining the EU of national legislations on the IK, there is now already a European identity card.

Grtn, Stign

I would sign up immediately if a voluntary, European IDK, passport and nationality were to come.

Not a good idea, because it will not work:

Now that more and more criticism is being made of the European Parliament’s Graai culture (this is how a journalist discovered that Parlemantmembers are paid a huge amount in advance that serves to cover the expenses for the coming year.Not only was the amount blatantly high, MEPs were only allowed to keep the money that was not going on expenses. And that’s wrong with money for expenses: The remaining amount you have to pay back.

In addition everyone notices the increasing intolerance within the society and above all that ever more humans are going to behave pronounced nationalistic.Immediately after the announcement that there might be a Brexit, the announcement of another three countries followed that they would also consider.

Some parliamentarians like the Hungarian Orban, seem to me to be literally psychopaths.They are misusing the EU to stir up hatred and intolerance.

One of the objectives of a European ID is undoubtedly that it is believed that this will reinforce the unity façade among Europeans.

That’s just like when one or other manager became wealthy by companies believing that team-building activities ensure a better functioning and atmosphere within the company.In some cases, that will work a day or two. But in practice you take care of a lot of anger in advance because not even a third of the staff have a desire to go hiking with apaca, or just like last year should go kayaking because here and there someone believes that works effectively.

Good idea but is such a thing not already de facto a fact?The lower of the older generation may have evil memories. Ausweis bitte Rand! A Dutch official who played the occupying forces considerably in the card was the official J. Lenz. For his efforts to develop a good identity card. In other countries he was given the death penalty but in the Netherlands only a few years imprisonment.

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