What do you think is the point of “IM Erika”, the alleged nickname of Angela Merkel?

Since she has not released her Stasiakte and will not release it, this should give us something to think about.So let’s look at the allegations or ‘rumours’, what’s the point? At the very beginning of the so-called refugee influx in 2015 was a picture on the net of her in front of the Havemannvilla. That was then removed. Similarly, an interview by WDR with her about this photo has been blocked or removed from the net. It was also striking that she was sitting in a room with her Havemann son in Adlershof. Angela Merkel was able to graduate from high school and study as a pastor’s daughter in the GDR. In addition, she was able to do an internship in Moscow. She was a good disciple of Marxism-Leninism. Surely the position of her father ‘the ROTE Kasner’ with close ness to the SED helped her to this. One of their loved ones is known to have been IM. Angela Merkel was probably FDJ secretary for agitation and propaganda, as was the Green Karin G枚ring-Eckert, who once spoke out about this. All this can be researched on the net. Apart from that, no one in the GDR had to do such a thing, as former GDR citizens confirm. So there is already a great proximity to the system. And the fact that the approximately 35 years in the socialism of the GDR did not pass by without a trace, as the decision of 2015 shows us, where, in my m., the enculturation in a socialist system comes together with a good dose of opportunism.

There is also a video, if still available on YouTube, in which Angela Merkel expresses herself freely. At the end of the day, we do not know whether Angela Merkel signed with the Stasi or not.

She herself says no, but there is such an incident, leaving Poland, back in Solidarity times, when she smuggles ‘material’ across the border, she is controlled, but there is no intervention. Conclusion, IT is obvious, but only the Stasiakten would give us information. Possibly. is also one thing that makes them vulnerable. None of this is a reputational murder, as there is a lot of evidence on the Internet or on the Internet. Were. There are also a lot of biographies about Merkel, where these questions are being investigated. A public figure has to ask certain questions!! – Close associates of Helmut Kohl say that he was probably too careless towards ‘these things’. Again, we do not know what exactly is behind it. – In order to complement the whole thing, to her doctoral thesis, in which she thanks a Dr. Sauer, it must be said that she is probably rather simple and has not brought any new results, as far as the experts on the net, most recently probably University of Cambridge. This dissertation also included a work on Marximus-Leninism, and this work is also “lost”. Here, too, the question arises as to whether she would have got away with it in the old FRG. In the case of the Unification Treaty, the chapter on the GDR doctoral papers was dropped, because they did not want to open this barrel. Angela Merkel never wanted a united Germany, but she seized her chance and made something out of the old Bonn Republic? Some say an EAST Gdr 2.0.

Was Angela Merkel working as Stasi IM or “IM Erika”?

GDR past of a customized

Really general

Really general – only the publication of the Stasiakten about German politicians would be interesting.
And, of course, about East German citizens who made political careers in Germany as a whole.

In 2017, tens of thousands requested access to Stasi files

Was Angela Merkel in the service of the MfS

Re: Only one link

Merkel in a Stasi file

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Here is still a report by Dr. Hubertus Knabe, the long-time director of the Hohensch枚nhausen Memorial, who, by and large, supports my thoughts.

IM Erika – a search for clues | HUBERTUS KNABE

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