What do you think is the best approach to helping overweight children?

You have to read the book of Michael Moss, “salt, sugar, fat”.

There’s a lot more going on than “eating less” and “moving”.

Breakfast cereals without the added and scientists figured out sugars are worthless.

You can eat as good straw.

McDonalds fries are designed to give a “rush” based on salt and fat in the fries.

Yesterday I harvested some strawberries and raspberries from my little garden.

Well, these are far from perfect, spot here, Rejectin there.

Have you ever tasted a strawberry from the garden and then one from the shop?

The one has taste and is sweet, the other is not.

Tomatoes from the shop?Tastes like turps.

Tomatoes from the garden?Tastes sweet and juicy.

In Belgium, we may still remember a veterinarian of studs who already dared to do a check that was not announced.

He talked about colleagues who looked the other side.

Reports to the public prosecutor, to the Minister.

He was murdered in 1995.

Afterwards everyone walked neatly in the pass.

Doctors prescribe too much antibiotics for bacteria to become resistant.

Well, eat a slice of meat.

Antibiotics was apparently used (you have to hedge against everything nowadays) to get the animals to be slaughtered quickly and without getting sick.

This method is now DEFINITELY no longer used.


If society leaves its food, then something is thoroughly wrong with that society.

Can you imagine that “scientists” are an undefined notion (I am master in Applied Sciences by the way) staged for climate reasons and that “scientists” in laboratories invent substances that are very addictive?

Test this out on children to see what the so-called “sweet Spot” is.

Maximum addiction, maximum gain.

Scientists are not working ethically.

Even more, if we look at the medical science, the same master is again.

Implants problems in Belgium swept under the mat for many years?

I narrowly escaped such an escape.


We know little about it.

Our food could sometimes contain all sorts of hormones and unnatural substances that affect pituitary gland, thyroid gland and all sorts of other self-regulating processes.

Of course they get disturbed.

Our body does not only work via electric pulses but also chemically.

Very recent research in deeply depressive people demonstrates certain correlations with species of bacteria in the intestines.

Making decisions from this can not yet.

But we understand fairly little about the processes in our bodies and how they all hang together and influence each other.

Did you know that type 2 diabetic patients are lipid resistant?

That is to say, if enough fat is stored in the body the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland will switch from fat storage to fat burning.

This does not appear to be so in Type 2 Diabetes.

They remain in fat buildup mode even if they are already obese.

There are now certain injections that help type 2 diabetic patients with fat burning.

That is the fight against a symptom without really understanding the underlying cause.

The good news is that this can work for obesity as well.

I have been able to experience obesity, anorexia and the pressure of society to look at it as a photo model with ideal sizes.

I can tell by hand on my heart that movement and healthy eating are very important.

And that by observation I know that limited intake of healthy food, avoiding soft drinks, sweets, ice creams, cakes, it still is so that some people do not lose weight but even come in.

And you can’t go to an endocrinologist.

Which lets TSH, T4 and T3 measure and which says, everything normally according to the norm.

People who didn’t let it sit there spent years and spent their experiences in book form.

It is in every branch of medical science so that people are abandoned.

You cannot let a doctor understand that his twenty years of experience must be supplemented with the latest new findings.

We are not researchers, Sir, we treat.

Well tired.

There are scientists like Dr. Rhonda Patrick (google but agree) who explains very scientifically (sometimes a bit too) what exposes all sorts of research about the link between depression and chronic inflammation.About DNA damage, cancer and prolonging life (Telomeren Enzo).

Discipline today to eat healthily is extremely difficult because advertising is everywhere and the food is designed to seduce (we will call it so).

James Clear has been important for me to cultivate habits.

His main tip was that you are linking something of motion to something that you do every day anyway.

Silly enough I do press 20 times after brushing my teeth in the morning.

I’ve never done fitness for more than two months.Nothing more.

This works for me because it is now integrated in my normal habits.

So healthy eating and moving (see also nerd fitness, do a sport that you like doing, not necessarily the fitness case with the weights and the treadmill).

In addition, you need to find the bloggers, vloggers and other people on the internet who share the latest research and who investigate certain links between metabolism and all sorts of other physical determinations.

Learning never stops (therefore also in my profile).

This strikes me as something for professionals.Everyone knows that being overweight comes through a combination of overeating and too little movement. However, less food and more exercise is harder than it seems. Otherwise, the problem was not so great.

The whole family is going to eat healthy, ie none of those idiot big portions of junk food, but just eating, in moderate portions, no candy, trying to play a lot outdoors.Since usually one of the parents is also obese this is very beneficial for everyone.


  • Nutrition and Movement The two main causes are too much or too fatty food and too little exercise: In both cases you take more calories than you consume.

That too much is stored in the form of grease.

  • Hereditary factors If one or both parents are obese, their children are more likely to develop obesity (role of poor eating habit that usually applies to the whole family).
  • Hormonal In only 1% of those who are obese, a hormonal problem lies at the base of the overweight.
  • Irregular Feeding pattern Even if you don’t eat too much or too fat, an irregular diet can make you thickened faster.
  • vb. Often skipping meals or eating at very different times).

  • Alcohol contains a lot of sugar and also makes you thicker.
  • Psychological problems do not have a direct impact on your weight, but can affect your eating pattern.
  • E.g. some with emotional difficulties, eating more or getting bothered by fear of showers.

  • Social and cultural context determines what you find a healthy weight and what you feel good about.
  • Of course, the availability of healthy food also plays a role.

  • Medicinal Products Some medicines such as cortisone can cause a weight gain.
  • This is rather exceptional.

    Child overweight-What can you do?Practical Tips

    Ensure that there is only healthy eating in the house.

    Overweight has two causes, actually three causes.

    1. Each pounds goes through the mouth
    2. The kind of food is also important
    3. Too little movement.

    People who live too close to a large amount of affordable eateries tend to be overweight.That is because those eateries want to make money in the first place, and only want to offer healthy food in the second place.

    Even in the canteen of sport associations the wrong food is offered.

    In fact, there should be a national ban to sell prepared food to people under 18. Such as banning the sale of cigarettes and alcohol.Since that is utopian, parents should never be willing to buy food in the side of their children, but always stand by the cooking pot and engage their children in boiling.

    Jamie Oliver, the well-known British cook of simple meals break a lance for preparing good meals.From him a man can learn mass 芒 鈧劉 s on that plane.

    At the same time, the amount of food and sweets etc.should be rationed. This is really Murphy’s law in the square that insists here. All that is delicious and much, proves unhealthy for body and members. Snik Squared.

    Explain it to the children.At Quora I found an image of a stomach stuffed with candy, with meat and with vegetables that represented about the same amount of calories. It opened my eyes and I started eating more vegetables and decreasing meat. So explain it with images and with hands and feet as it should.

    In the nineteenth century, as soon as an adult, as the director, entered the classroom, students had to be right next to their lectern.If they gave an answer or asked a question to the teacher, they had to be right. Then it was done from the point of view to bring the children to respect. Now that should be done to grow more movement in those young bodies.

    At home, the computers and tablets and smartphones should only be used in the upright position.Or the favorite TV program should be viewed right. Again, that same law of Murphy in the square that forces a man to do so.

    My father, and I am now almost sixty, always said: 芒 鈧?艙you have so much of sitting or standing. 芒 鈧?and he put himself in his lazy chair.Error squared. Right now is healthier than sitting, as long as it is applied with policy.

    Remember that the proverb 芒 鈧?艙young is learned old Gedaan芒 鈧?is a right proverb. Only the elderly should give the young people the right example, because that is the best learning school.Giving the right example is O so important. So be right to control that computer or watch TV, cook and eat healthy portions of food, along with the youngsters. Find excuses and methods to regularly break the pattern of sitting.

    My excuse and method is my doggy with which I regularly have to go outside.I usually cook for my wife and I. Because of the shaky health of my wife, I have to look for healthy meals.

    O yes, forbid yourself and your children to consume anything for the television or for the computer.That alone makes a huge difference in the hand-holding of overweight, both in children and in adults.

    Sorry, Murphy’s law.What is delicious and enjoyable… is unhealthy. I cannot change that law either.

    Will usually be in food and exercise.But get the parents into this awareness. Habits do not break you so quickly.

    Make it a game of make moving fun and yes I am a jerk but reward goals.So imagine you have a child with 30 pounds too much that really dislikes movement. My approach would be swimming because joints and stuff. That there is at least 15 kilos off. After that it is allowed to choose a sport. Every 5 pounds that the child lost is a gift that can be clothes what it wants to have a video game I know a lot of be creative. Child is going to notice that they are functioning better. Probably the age of time will also be better with him. Learning that moving is fun and good.

    You do not help children with overweight.You have to help them out for example by giving sugar-free sweets and drinks

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