What do you think is important in friendship? What makes a friend a good friend?

I think it is important in a friendship that you are there for each other, both in times of need and in good times.For a good conversation, or a lot of fun. I also think it is important that we understand each other if we have a little less contact through the crowds, and that after such a quieter period it is just okay. That is friendship for me.

Friendship grows organically.I have always had 1 “Best Friend”, and several in the different phases of my life. Have lived in NZ for 20 years now, have been back in the Netherlands since 2003, and still have an intensive contact with MN 2 best friends there (where I became a friend in different times and circumstances). OK, the properties I think make a friendship::

  • Full trust.

I will always respect their wife and treat Korrekt, will never try anything with their outside the permission of MN friend.

  • Full honesty in the relationship with them
  • Always ready for them, not only when real help is needed, but also to share experiences together.
  • Ready and clear communication.
  • Sharing experiences, even though you may not always be physically there.
  • Stefan from NZ is engaged in falconers training, and has a bird he trains. He regularly sends me videos of their progress. I send him videos of mountain bike tours in the Netherlands, etc. In NZ We have put together a (hefty) banana plantation, and a 400 trees planted on its own soil. Also helped build their house (Mudbricks) and also get the weeds out of the way and holes filled up…

  • Importantly, this is just my own personal opinion.
  • I should ask them what they consider important in a friendship relationship. Find a friend who supports you in bad times.When it is not good with you you can count on the support of the person and he/she is ready for you.

    Something up there is a friend who helps you grow, even if this means by sometimes saying things that are difficult for you or that you prefer not to hear.

    But a truly valuable friend is someone who, together with you, celebrates your successes.Someone who is happy for you when you are happy. Someone who really hopes that you are happy and have success in your life. Often this is the hardest thing for people to do, because it asks you to make yourself more vulnerable and to award someone else, even if it goes above you. When someone can handle this all three you have a real good friend.

    A good friend is there when he needs me, or when I need him.Good friends support each other in good and bad times. And there are still a lot of things that relate to friendship as such, but I leave it to “good friend”.

    ‘, “A good friend cares about you, is interested in your life and sincerely has the best with you.In This friendship there is no struggle for who is the toughest, or who can get the brightest girl. There should be no shame, you should be able to cry with your good friend. I think a real good friend should always be ready for you in case of distress, depression or other matters. Someone like family actually cares about you. A good friend calls you when he has not heard of you for a while, just ask if everything goes well. With a good friend there is no clean appearance, you are 100% yourself. No fake smile or positive gelul with high voices, no you’re just yourself. And he is also with you. I wish I had such a friend. -Besides my family and girlfriend, I also need such a ‘ man’friend, but they are scarce.

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