What do you think as a programmer?


I started programming at 9.I have no idea what I would think if I hadn’t started. But I remember that when we started in the 5th grade (about 11 years) with algebra and equation systems, it was very easy for me: I already knew it from the computer. Logic is thus a second mother tongue.

In my youth, I tried to transfer logic to many other areas.How do people work? How does language work? How does thinking work? How does consciousness work? How does God work? How does the universe work? What is the meaning of life?

And over time, it turned out that I was often quite precise in my conclusions, but that wasn’t obvious at the time, because people, for example, are wrong.If it was logical for me that a person feels bad, he or she answers the question “How are you?” and does not give a status report on all the sensitivities I would have needed to verify my thoughts. Today I trust my thoughts rather than the statements of the environment – and i am usually quite good. There are certainly people to whom I put their secret thoughts on their heads and who later explain that I obviously know them better than they know themselves.

I once found a report in Brain & Mind that 10 years of research on language processing and consciousness in the brain came to the same conclusion as I did after half a year of logical reflection.I even went further because I thought language in areas that go beyond its possibilities and are therefore no longer formulgable. The absurdity of this is that I myself prove that I was right, because what is not formulsifiable, but has to be worked out over and over again and cannot simply be aware of it. So I’m not aware of what I couldn’t formulate, because I always had to go down the path to knowledge. Unfortunately, the path is not formulsifiable either. But at that time it was quite remarkable to be able to put it. I tried it to a friend at that time, if I still had the mail, I might become aware of the way to knowledge again…

Since then, I have been expanding my language or the semantics of words to raise and maintain awareness.

Logic, then, is an essential part of the approach to problems, or actually everything.Fortunately, I am also solving many problems with this. I myself am usually prepared for 90% of all contingencies and therefore have only manageable problems in life. If it pops somewhere, most processes are logically predictable. If friends of mine have problems, it’s similar. What a life crisis, I have partly reordered in 24 hours.

This occasionally overwhelms my surroundings.Especially when I spontaneously start a big demolition action to make room for a large construction site, which then wants to be operated in three shifts. Finding new perspectives on situations is easy for me and then new ways. If someone I know sits in front of me in frustration and says that he has flown out of school and doesn’t know any more now, I can explain after 5 minutes what the situation is for him and where what new paths are now opening up. And while my counterpart is still mourning the loss, I am already mentally out to knock off these new paths and set up the large-scale construction site.

I think I’m exhausting when I’m in a “flash.”:D

And at the same time, it sometimes annoys me when people refuse to approach a problem logically, or.if they do so, they will also pursue the solution consistently.

It’s hard to make the right decisions.But logic can save you a lot of time and simplify things. Instead of laboriously weighing up the right decision, one can also avoid making the wrong decisions. This simplifies most problems and keeps you moving. Experience has shown that there are a number of opportunities as long as a goal has in mind and you remain visibly in motion. Someone comes by and finds the direction you go and supports you.
Such an innovative large-scale construction site can be processed faster and more cost-effective than the small standard solution.

I currently have a low-growth adolescent diving student who enjoys diving and who needs a special diving suit to perform the hobby.The standard solution was unfortunately priceless, so a large construction site opened and now I have three more or less well matching suits at a fraction of the price and a quite well matching suit, as well as a spare part suit, even before the course is over and even made several contacts and learned a lot of new things. So in total 5 suits have arrived at me through the action, about a quarter of the price. I’m going to use two of the suits now to further reduce the price and the last suit is what we finally needed. That is now here, the problem has been solved.

I understood in my mid-20s that the optimal solution is often not achievable, so the question arises as to how to achieve the right solution possible, because a group does not primarily strive to lead the joint project to the optimum, but deviatingly. of which personal concerns become important.That all sides contribute something, even if the contribution is ultimately rather detrimental to the joint project, so that everyone feels connected to the project and does something at all. And so you start to calculate a person’s contribution with their deviation to the optimal project goal with the possibility to remove the person from the group and then the consequences on the group. During my studies, I often worked consciously alone – that is, virtually removed the group – with good success, because the goal was small enough that I could achieve it optimally on my own. Which led to performances that I was also certified as “above average”. Because no one had a detrimental effect on my project goal. This can be logically estimated in advance, whether one helps or disturbs one another and only cooperates, because everyone somehow cooperates with someone.

Just as I have worked in teams with good success, if the team was also focused on the project goal, which we also had in the form of testimonials given in writing.

And how I removed myself from teams if my contribution or presence would be more of a hindrance to the project goal, for example, because a relevant person can’t work with me purposefully, but that person is more important to the project than I am.

Logic always preoccupies you.I haven’t been bored since I was a young age. I am forcing boredom for logical reasons, because boredom is also meaningful employment.

Logic is therefore quite dominant.

But programming is just the formulation of logic into a computer language.The programming language and the computer are tools. They are the target of logical ideas, they used to be teaching material to train logic. But the computer is not the origin of logical ideas or limits the way of thinking or the themes. Art, music, poetry can also be viewed logically. I have passed through religion until the Abitur, have been a Catholic in the ev. Church civil service, then leave the church. I did this not out of religiosity, but because it seems logical to me to deal with religion in order to understand our culture. I am an agnostic – atheism is, after all, just a religion.

Logic is also not at odds with the fun of art, music and literature and social coexistence, if others are also capable of at least basic logic.Longer contacts with right-wingers or AfD supporters are thus already excluded, which also makes life easier, because as a thinking person you cannot be right.” Even if there is only a little bit of consistent logic, that is not possible.

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