What do you think are the top three tips for depression?

The top three tips for learning how to deal with severe depression are, in my opinion, the following:

1.) Let us help you.There is a fine saying that says:

If you want to be fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

I think we all agree that I am making the claim that we all do a little bit of support in life from time to time.To get your life back under control, you need tools and experience in such a difficult phase as depression. These are found in many different treatment methods. Whether you actively support yourself for professional help through NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Hypnotherapy, Talk Therapy, Energetics, Lifecoaching, Mindfulness Methods or other psychological disciplines is up to you. I have already written some articles about Hypnosis, CBT and NLP that I am writing here (I hope they will help you):

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2.) Put your gut in order. 70 percent of the neurons from our gut lead to the brain and only 30 percent from the brain to the intestine.

So one might even think that our well-being and happiness depends more on the gut than on our brains. A video by Dr. Markus Stark:

Furthermore, 95% of the total serotonin presence is found in our intestines!Serotonin is the happier and leads to satisfied feelings in us, with extremely low levels of depression. Furthermore, there is 400 times as much melatonin in the intestine as in our brain! This hormone relaxes us and ensures a deep sleep. Furthermore, it is one of the strongest remedies available, and absolutely necessary for depression, so that we do not suffer from sleep disturbances.

The microbiome is also essential for our well-being.To illustrate this optimally, researchers conducted a trial with two groups of mice. They took their mother from the first group of newborn mice children and took a gut bacteria sample from the stressed and frightened mice after a while. They transferred this sample to the second group, where the mother was with the children. These mice were relaxed and happy. However, as soon as they received the gut bacteria from the stressed mice, they felt equally frightened (Source: Chopra, D., & Tanzi, R. E. (2015). Super genes.Random House.). Consequently, it can be said that the bacteria in our gut determine how we feel. Rotisfis bacteria, for example, feed on sugar. If you eat bad eating habits, you often feel like sweets. Why? Because the bacteria from the gut send our brains the message that they want more sugar! In this way, however, they displace the good bacteria, which are essential for a healthy body and mind.

So worry about a basic diet.Our body needs four times as many bases as acids to maintain the appropriate acidic or basic environment in the body. Through Spirulina and Chlorella, Alfalfa and other sprouts you do something very good for your body. Also make sure to carry out regular intestinal remediation. Zeolite, flea seeds, omnibiotic probiotics and 3 liters of water per day remove the bad bacteria and give the good place to live again. In this article from Center of Health you will learn more about: Intestinal Cleansing – The Free Guide.



3.) Accept depression and know that you can even transform it into your strength!

When I was plagued by this terrible disease myself, I realized after a while that I could take advantage of this pain.By accepting the problem and taking a solution-oriented approach, I learned to use methods that made me understand the emotional pain. No one is worse than another just because he suffers from depression! This idea alone is complete nonsense, since we are all equally valuable as we have just been created. Self-hypnosis, NLP and CBT made me question the pain and by regularly applying various exercises, in combination with meditating and acceptance, I finally managed to get free from the pain of depression after a long time. Finally, I’ll give you a few other links that demonstrate some of these exercises and also address the topic of fears.

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I hope that one or the other tip will help you transform your depression.

All the best for that!

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