What do you think about the idea of elderly people (50 +) who go to an institution to learn something?

What do I think of the idea that “someone” is going to do something “for themselves”?

What do I think of the idea that young people go out on Thursday evening?

What do I think of the idea that…

I think everyone can know what he or she is doing, as long as this hurts no one.Everything you do for yourself is fine.

The question is too unclear to me.

What do those “elderly” then teach?
What kind of setting are we talking about?A school? A neighbourhood house?
Is it for themselves (learning is always for yourself, otherwise you don’t have much to dick on I think)
Is it for work?

I have an answer for that:
Older people of 50 + still have to work for almost twenty years now before they can retire.If these elderly than twenty years continue to do their work without remaining, I think we will all end up in the last twenty years in time.

Incidentally, I also think that the definition of “elderly” is tight here, nowadays people in the Netherlands live on average to over 80 years.Then 50 is still very young for an “older”.

Great.The moment you decide that you want to learn nothing more is the moment that you are spiritually dead.

I don’t get the question at all.

First, are you really an older one if you are 50 +?

And do you mean that ‘ elderly ‘ from 50 + are obliged to an institution to learn something (at)?

In that case No.Say No. When I look at my parents, they really have enough to study and work. I would like to testify of no respect to see my parents ‘ compulsory ‘ to learn something.

If you as a person have the urge by learning, delicious, go ahead.I can only admire that. But that also applies to young people.

We would rather make it compulsory for all citizens to learn something in life at least.I see more and more young people getting little hands out of the sleeves. Lots of free time, we are right on. we find.

But frankly there is already something like the compulsory schooling/qualification obligation.There can certainly be much more to be done to make it more effective.

But elderly, no not obliged to any institution.A little respect may be. It is healthy when ‘ elderly people ‘ continue to stimulate their brains by, for example, staying active. If only in sports.

In Japan, many elderly people continue to work after retirement.Because they have to? Usually because they want. It gives them a more meaningful existence, I heard a man say. They don’t want to do anything. They want to make themselves useful to society. I must confess to you honestly, the elderly in Japan are healthier than those here in our country. They are also much more active. I think that much more attention should be paid to this.

In addition, if you are 50 +, you are not going to retire yet (exceptions left there).So you are definitely working for 10 years. Then why exactly by learning, compulsory?

I prefer focus on youth.The youth sometimes doesn’t know what to learn. So many choices you have to make in terms of study and career. Just look at the number of burn out cases. But rather worry me therefore.

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