What do you think about summer and winter time? Which ones do you think should be retained and why?

Holding one of the two yields a problem for the remainder of the year.

Advantages of Daylight Saving time:

Longer evenings to enjoy

Less artificial light needed

It is safer.Fewer accidents in traffic and home, plus less crime

Disadvantages of Daylight Saving time:

Less energy savings (the actual reason for entering daylight saving time).Thanks for the technical developments, the electrical appliances that we have in huus now have more power than are saved with daylight saving time.

We can get sick of daylight saving time.The change to daylight saving time caused by the hour less sleep at the beginning more accidents on the road and at work, more suicides and even more miscarriages.

By the end of summer time, depression occurs more often, as it used to be dark.

At the beginning of summer time, the risk of heart attack is greater than average.(But after the end of daylight saving time, that risk is just a little less).

Daylight saving time is economically disadvantageous.At least, as for productivity. An amount is not easy to allocate. Also, twilight can cause more insecurity on the street, which means that campaigns to save lives (in traffic, for example) are needed, which cost money.

The installation of automatic conversion to daylight saving time in a computer, and maintaining it, is also not free.Also the manual converting takes time and money.

So it is not easy to choose one of the two.I therefore wish the honourable politicians for success and wisdom.

I’ve always found that idiot.

But one should choose the winter hour.If only because that is the natural designation.

I was glad to hear that the EU has decided to stop it.Or at least to do it no more as an EU joint.

As for me, prefer today than tomorrow.

I am extremely sensitive to it, I am very bothered by it for two weeks, certainly from the leap in time.I have a huge dislike.

And as far as I am concerned, we keep the daylight saving time.Nice long light in the summer. Yes, in the morning longer dark in winter. Then you are on your way to work and what can you care that it is still dark, or you are still in bed. At least at night you really have a little.

I always had that when I was working in morning and afternoon services: the morning service is delicious, because then you have free all afternoon.Yeah you have to be nasty early on, though. With the afternoon service you can get up late. But you have no ass to your mornings.

Same with morning rather light.What excites that well? And I’m a morning man huh, but that really doesn’t excites me. But in summer, nice to be half eleven still light? Delicious!!!

I live in America, in Kentucky.There we have short evenings. Even in the summer it becomes dark for half nine. That’s really getting used to. And that makes me very anxious for long summer evenings!

The winter time is the original time, so it is obvious to keep it.It is only the question of which countries we want to cooperate.

It will be chosen between Benelux, France or Germany.

France will of course not want the same as Germany, because there is still altidj which is old.
And actually we fit the best with England.

Purely looking at sunrise, it is more pleasant when the sun arrives at 8:45 at the latest and not only 9:45.The shorter summer nights I take in the sale, although I find it pleasant.

Later light causes more depressions and people who struggle to wake up.We forget how much influence the sun has on our bio-rythme, our brain and body react to it and start it up.

For me both have their advantages and I have no trouble switching.

We owe the Berlin time time to “our F眉hrer 掳 geographically we should have the time of say but Lisbon.What a choice of interest is only that that time remains the same.

It does not make a flute.What we call summer-and winter-time is the summer and winter timedisplay.

Time does not change, time goes unambiguously in one direction, is one of the most balanced natural phenomena (see Einstein).Uninfluable.

The term we use for the time is a human appointment.That agreement is a political process, now at European level. So you exert influence on political parties, they fight it out in Brussels.

But what comes out you can put down perfectly next to you.Yes, if you have to be somewhere on time , then it is useful that both parties will handle the same appointment for time.And then it has just become a power slot.

If I always get up at some point in the morning, then I can just keep doing that, even if the hands of bells suddenly stand in another position around that moment.Except if you have agreed a clock time and if that clock time does not change with the summer-winter time-change.

We have an hour longer summer.

And hours shorter winter.

Why change?

It’s me any.I would choose the most energy saving solution.

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