What do you think about Mark Rutte?

Mark Rutte as Prime Minister

Rutte is the personification of neo-liberalism, but with a fresh and also human appearance.He rides, is approvable, tends to be cheerful and energetic, he does not talk weird or posh, he is long and therefore a great representative of our people, which is one of the longest in the world. What I think of him as a human being is in the penultimate paragraph.

He was of course also the advantage of having one of the least inspiring prime ministers ever, the Christian Democrat Balkenende.For me, it is still a breath of fresh weather to see someone who also makes a joke and makes a refreshing impression.

Well, I’m already old, so I’ve seen a lot of prime ministers come and go, but in that row Rutte decides to be the more successful.In a hugely complex political playing field, he has always succeeded in forming coalitions that sustained it for a time.

Mark Rutte as Liberal foreman

The growth of his party, the VVD, has under his leadership known the same spurt as under Wiegel (1982) and Bolkestein (1998), but even to greater height in a more fractionated order.Wikipedia brings this into view:

It also shows another development well.

Namely, that every popular politician also has a summit and a downturn.

Mark Rutte as a person in a one-time meeting

Only once I met Mark Rutte personally.He was then state Secretary of Social Affairs and came to our region (Rivierenland) to talk to the alderman about addressing unemployment.

I am a social democrat and believe that every human being, slow and fast, healthy and unhealthy, old and young, stupid and clever, blessed with wealthy or with poor parents, deserves a decent life.At least we are all consumers, so important in the economy. Moreover, in this country we all deserve more than enough to offer everyone a life that provides all necessary necessities, such as good food, good housing, the opportunity to learn, the opportunity to travel, good medical care and a environment that is not impaired. Even if we arrange that for everyone, more than enough money is left to reward people who can and do a little extra. The idea that everyone deserves a good life is opposed to what the VVD thinks and pursues.

Nevertheless, Rutte proved to be a socially gifted, even charming, man who was willing to listen to and respond to arguments.The fact that he comes to other considerations from the VVD ideology does not depend on that.

Mark Rutte as neo-liberal

That VVD ideology briefly says the following:

  • The market is good.
  • If you do your best, you’ll be there.
  • If you don’t save it, you obviously didn’t do your best enough.

Where that Spaak runs is clear.The market is by definition a-moral; Society is getting complicated much faster than human evolution can keep up, and we are able to produce more and more things with fewer people, while the need does not increase equally. In the past, you could express the production of a car in man-years, now in man-hours. The world can only absorb as much auto芒 鈧劉 s and provide space without damaging the environment beyond repair. And that goes for almost everything. In economic neo-liberalism, people on a global scale must compete with machines and low-wage countries, and that will lose the people whose work is the easiest to automate or move elsewhere.

He presents himself as a nice, energetic, positive dude.Meanwhile, he has pushed through a pruning hard neoliberal policy. He has misused the crisis to realise his ideological goals. The idea is to make the government as small as possible and then lower the taxes.

Rutte has cut everything: the housing market, the care, the army, the education, the police, the law-enforcement and the tax authorities are the most important victims.The wondrous thing is that this has not led to lower burdens at all. The burden of pressure has only risen.

This austeration policy has also led the Netherlands to be much harder hit by the crisis than the neighbouring countries.

It is also clear that his first loyalty lies with all the big companies and not with the ordinary Dutchman.The way the Groningers handled was purely intended to serve Shell. The abolition of the dividend tax was intended to please Unilever.

I fear that Premier-smile will be settled hard by history.He has made the poor poorer and richer the rich. I have to say to him that he has cleverly managed to arrange the cooperation of other parties. They were then completely drained at the finish line.

I think that a conversation between me and Mark Rutte would be short and superficial.He is a pretty and figure, who easily gets the laughters on his hand. He knows how to tackle an audience. I also laugh when he makes a joke, but more as I look at a comedy. There is a great distance between that which I laugh about and the person who makes me laugh. I see a smooth man with an amiable laugh, an advertising figure. I always feel uncomfortable with advertising figures because I am always immediately aware of the inauthenticity. I feel the wall he pulls between himself and his surroundings. Only he himself can make a little, but I would not feel a need to look through it because I know his beliefs and that are not mine.

He is one of those people to whom you can hardly hate, but with whom you also don’t make friends easily.I don’t at least. Rutte as a person leaves me pretty indifferent and that would most likely be mutual. It is mainly because of its charm that the VVD is the biggest party and that is what I still blame him most, because that party is destructive to our nature and our welfare state.

‘, “To be honest I find him a notorious liar and turn butt that has proven our country’s bad services.The slippery thing a lot of people seem to be tackling does cause him to push through disastrous things that another might not have for each other, and that it is more and more that 20% of the voters are pulling in. Every election again I wonder why people voted VVD again. VVD, and Rutte have in the past 12 years been so horribly devastated that I can not deal with my cap. In doing so, take care to protect corrupt political supporters and see behind the ‘ friendly ‘ smiling leader a rock-hard politician with a private agenda that ‘ the people ‘ only finds difficult and only needs to be able to continue for 4 years.

“,” He thinks in English.Now I have been living since 芒 鈧劉 97 in English speaking countries, but I cannot tell him and I think this is a rather alarming form of attitude. It’s not all that great in the English-speaking world, where Rutte is so tickled. Is it really necessary for the Netherlands to slavishly make all the mistakes that are made here and are still thin?

Well.As a person I have little that appeals to me. Did its best, it was a difficult period with recession and immigration, the EU, Zwarte Piet, Gronings Gas and scandals.

But little has come out of which I think 芒 鈧?虄wow, that is a good move that is substantially important for many people. Contrary.

Nothing really as far as I am concerned.He might be more of a conflict-avoiding man who wants to cover everything with the cloak of love.

I do have n question to 芒 鈧?虄m.The last elections though, people have chosen a right-hand line and how to get it in your head to start executing a leftist policy. Then they will still vote in the right-handed.

Personally, I don’t think it’s the most strong prime minister we’ve ever had.He has his charm, but I do not think that he often comes to the troops as a kind of father-des-patriotism and the country’s interest, or at least the importance of the Dutch. He often responds rather limp, I personally find. For example, I think he has to make much harder statements about, for example, a subject like Zwarte Piet. Not about whether we should hold it or not. I think he has a bridgebuilding function as Prime Minister. He now draws more his hands from it. But when a lawful demonstration is prevented by people who are going to play their own courts, he must dare to make harsh statements about damaging our democratic rule of law. He does not.

But maybe that on the plain will remain also called its quality.In Brexit Chaos He is still valued at European level and he is represented by the Netherlands. But that role is one of the few in which I find him strong.

Meh, could have been worse.

Decides someone with qualities for a politician, who plays the stupid people handsome.Every inch of imgenuine. Every word lied. An inverted Robin Hood, who steals from the poor to give it to the rich. Recently, during an interview, preferably two acquaintances came along to give him a high five. Clearly agreed joviality where you get crooked. I find him a snout with his frozen grin. In spite of his repeated statements to the contrary, he soon sits in Brussels, leaving the country with a halved government support, and a kind of Prince Carnival as its successor. It seems to him nothing to do. Does he have have human feelings, or only awakens his asexuality the suggestion of not?

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