What do you say about Kramp-Karrenbauer as Minister of Defence?

The year is 2023.The Bundeswehr can no longer close itself off to the zeitgeist on the highest order.

The new division “General Combat Group Karrenbauer” is set up and is equipped with brand new, environmentally friendly means of transport: donkey carts.

Of course, the corresponding service rule 08/15 speaks of “donkey carts”, but contrary to the old tradition of insisting on the exact wording, for example in the case of “food stamps”, within the division any non-commissioned officer who insists on being immediately fragrant apples.There is really no shortage of them.

Colonel Hinreich von Kackvogl, Deputy Commander:

“Of course, maintaining the authority of superiors is essential for any army.But we need to move with the times and face new challenges flexibly. And as far as the projectiles are concerned, I can only say that anything that raises combat morale and improves the handling of hand grenades is to be welcomed.”

Meanwhile, the troop kitchen is instructed to remove fruit from the program due to acute confusion.The parliamentary health commissioner is not particularly enthusiastic, but he likes the alternative even less. To comfort him, he calls on the Old Germanic spirits of the raspberry.

The older childcare battalion “Uschis Krabbelgruppe” is integrated, has finally found its destination and takes care of the animals touchingly.The children are of course completely enthusiastic about their new, company-owned petting zoo. And the great excursions first! In the allied foreign countries, on the other hand, voices were heard that made “Merkel’s last line-up” think of past, rather unsightly times.

The inclined reader observes the stinkefinger, who has already taught the Russians tofear.

Field Marshal Bommel would definitely have had his joy.

However, the allies were impressed by various NATO combat exercises.

A Polish officer:

“Finally, the Germans are returning to old strength.My grandpa has always told a lot about the Wehrmacht, and the new equipment almost scares me a bit.”

A Hungarian sergeant:

“What impressed me the most was the German field cuisine.The goulash was actually almost as good as my mother’s. What was there?”

A French riding master:

“We probably would never have come up with the idea with the flakes ourselves.But it is obvious, with their stubborn nature, donkeys can bear the gun noise much better than horses. Nevertheless, I am a little sorry for the animals. At least the cong茅nialit茅 allemagne has provided adequate anesthesia.C’est la guerre!”

Beer helmet-reinforced anti-aircraft cannon donkey.

Shit on everything. An exemplary representative of the ancient Greek Stoics.

The own troupe, on the other hand, has to deal with the crap, which piles up in the specially purchased, air-installed stable module system “Augias” in a very short time meter high.

Company field sergeant “Bratspie脽” Achim Breitschei脽:

“The new technique is a single cramp!But maybe the old ‘Project Hercules’ is finally good for something.”

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