What do you remember when you think of the 70s?

To my confirmation, the Abi, the Bundeswehr period and terrible colorful wallpaper ;-), the snow catastrophe that began on New Year’s Eve 1978.I had a guard from 30.12. to 31.12.1978 (I was still a little involved in the Bundeswehr at that time). At 16:30 I set off with a good friend, who was also on duty until the afternoon, on the way from near Verden / Aller, where I was stationed, with his Triumph Spitfire on the way to Bremen, because there were no trains left from Verden , It took us about two and a half hours for the nearly 50 km, because the Spitfire was practically impassable in these road conditions.

Shortly after 7 p.m., I phoned my mother from a telephone booth and announced that I couldn’t say exactly when I would arrive by train and caught the last train heading for Hamburg at the main station in Bremen.I wanted to go to Rotenburg / W├╝mme, from where my mother wanted to pick me up by car. On the way, the train had to stop several times because the rails had to be cleared of snow.

I had a few cans of beer with me, i was allowed to smoke on the train at that time; I had also met some acquaintances on the train and at twelve we started 20 km before Rotenburg on the turn of the year.At half past three we had finally completed the last 20 kilometers. Luckily my mother had waited and I got in completely slain. For the last stage, eighteen kilometers, we needed another hour and a half and at four I finally arrived at home completely knocked out.

I ate a little more, thanked my mother for her patience and fell into bed tired.

On New Year’s Day I should have been back in the barracks at 19:00, but overnight it had snowed so much that in the morning there was about a good metre of snow.After a phone call with my manager in the barracks, I got a holiday because the streets were completely impassable. This holiday extended until 23 January, i.e. over three weeks, during which we could hardly leave the house. Luckily we had enough fuel oil in the tank, the cellar was full of supplies and to get cigarettes I got through to the pub next door. The horror winter par excellence, but the three weeks in the deep snow at home also had something very cozy.

Musically, I remember the end of the Beatles, the Grand Prix victory of Abba in 1974 and the grandiose album “Year of the Cat” by Al Stewart in the late seventies with the great guitar solos on “On the Border”.Then there was “Baker Street” by Gerry Rafferty with a super saxophone solo, Boston with “More than a Feeling”, The Knack with “My Sharona”, but also quite a lot of unspeakable things like Boney M. or the stupid disco music.

Finally, a very bad memory: i had to represent the goalkeeper, who had bent over, during a football match of the 2nd men’s team after the break as a left-winger.Our substitute goalkeeper was not there. This sometimes happened in the 2nd gentlemen, because the readiness for action was not exactly exemplary, especially after a drunken Saturday night. As not exactly saddle-proof in the profession – I was not responsible for preventing goals, but for shooting them, I got six pieces within 35 minutes, so I never had to change to the goal again.

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