What do you love about the German people?

There are many things to love about Germans.Their sense of humour, about which I have written in anotheranswer.Their punctuality, their order, and how they love rules. I come from Southeast Asia and sometimes I feel like there are no rules here. Especially on the road, where everyone develops their own traffic rules.

But there is a characteristic that I particularly admire.

German thoughtfulness.

It’s on a very different level.The Germans have the ability to remember everything they are told and then they use it themselves some time later.

I’m not going to lie, but many Germans have made me cry because of their thoughtful manner.

You know my experience with Joseph and this is also an example of German thoughtfulness but I had much more experience.That really touched and amazed me.

First my host mother in Berlin.I stayed with her for a month and she was just beautiful. She seems to me like a real mother and looked after us as if we were really her children.

The first day we met, I mentioned that my favorite fruit was strawberries.

For the rest of my stay with her there was always a bowl of strawberries for breakfast.

The next experiences are my favorite examples of German thoughtfulness.

Jonathan was the first German friend we had in our dormitory.

He would teach me German curse words (like any real friend) and even a bit Bavarian. At first he seemed so typically German – distant and reserved. Over time, however, he has ensured that Germany and Regensburg feel at home for us Filipino Erasmus students.

I had mentioned to Jonathan that I had never had a picnic before.It was a casual observation because I had seen many students at the university who had made picnics. In the Philippines, it’s often too hot for a picnic.

Many weeks later, when I came home from a trip to Vienna, Jonathan knocked on my door and told me we were going to have a picnic.It was a Sunday therefore all shops were closed. Our picnic became a wine-and-rubber bear picnic even though I lost the gummy bears on the way.

It was the most beautiful days I’ve ever had.

A year later, when I was studying in Berlin, we made a weekend trip to Munich.

Jonathan hollened me at Munich Central Station and took me to the English Garden. He surprised me with another picnic – but this time, we had wine, strawberries, Hanuta, and Regensburger Spital.

When I discovered the tradition of school bags, I became obsessed with it.

I found them very cute (still do!) and I wish we had something like this in the Philippines. I asked every German I know – Jonathan, Josef, my German teacher, my German classmates, everything.I asked what her school bag looked like, what was inside, how big it was, how many they had, etc.

Many months later, on my birthday, Jonathan gave me my own.

It was a small school bag filled with my favorite chocolate, including Hanuta.

It had dinosaurs because I was obsessed with them as a child.

Jonathan had collected everything I had told him over the last few months and turned it into a beautiful, tangible gift.

German thoughtfulness.

It’s hard not to fall in love with them.

My German is still bad (A2/B1 CEFR) so I’m really sorry for the many mistakes!Thank you Matthias Choitz for the corrections 🙂

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