What do you like nasty?

[“There we go hear:

  • A slice of cheese on my palm.

G! The idea that it is going to sweat there. I like to eat cheese, but I don’t want to touch it. I grab a slice between thumb and forefinger and when it comes off the scrape I throw it on my cracker or sandwich haha

  • After a day of sandals your feet are completely black at the bottom, sometimes I think ‘ just a power nap ‘ but I can’t lie in bed with that kind of feet.
  • It’s just of course dirty, but it also feels just goor to your bed, I know much there is a layer on your feet and I feel that all the time.

  • Touching towels When you have been in the sea.
  • Gadverdamme There I really get goose bumps from. Then your fingers are absolutely crazy and when you grab your towel. Ugh I get goose bumps by talking about it! That dirty layer on your fingers IEEE.

  • Honey on my brie or goat cheese.
  • I’m too black and white for that. I want to experience ‘ single ‘ flavours. I like the taste of goat cheese and brie (preferably I still eat it bare, without bread or salad) delicious, but if there is honey on it. I can’t appreciate that sensation. My brains keep looking for the taste of the pure brie and then find something a little wee茂gs. G!

  • The following fabrics: Corduroy, velvet, felt, flannel and fleece.
  • The last two do not feel dirty but are just always too hot.
    I find the first three fabrics terribly felt, I just can’t touch it without being scary.Sometimes, when I was younger, I saw a cool pants. I just had corduroy trousers, but when I turned it on, I didn’t fix them on the top side but a little on the inside so I didn’t have to touch the fabric. If I had to close the knot, it was even horrors, but there it remained at;)

  • Uh, food in the drain.
  • Yuk.

  • Oh oh, siege is open in the fridge.
  • Or whatever is open in the refrigerator. Things with heavy smells (like salami) next to something laying some scent (cheese). Make me mad!

  • Kaksporen in the toilet that are not mine.
  • I mean if they are mine I get them away, really-I have a colleague, I know which (they don’t know I know) every morning she leaves a “a”. So I mentioned it. I come there, she has just pulled through the Plee and you can still see your poo remains in the toilet tornado. Nasty and just ‘ man you are at work! ‘ but apparently she doesn’t experience that;)

    Well here I leave it at;) “,” the air of piss, just on the street.

    A public urinal is also downright nasty.

    Shit to my hands.Had once put my bag in human stools once. Then still prefer a dog turd.

    The air of a dead rat under the house.Even more meriger are the remains of such a rat, if you just look for it. Or oily black meat flies in the house. Prefer a year with holiday.

    If you work at the police, you will ever find yourself in a house with a semi-detached corpse.

    During the Battle of Leningrad in WWII, they were crewed behind dead soldiers as cover.The trenches of WOI weren’t much better. No, just give me a clean war.

    All the verotting and decay is nasty, a pack of spoiled custs under your bed, rotten fruit, rolled away behind the couch.Accidentally die stench of rot full in your face.

    With vinegar created lettuce I also find dirty, or cow’s stomach and pork paws.A delicacy according to some.

    I never tried herring with whipped cream.Breakfast cake with old cheese I like a delicacy.

    There are also very nice things.

    Here I still have to think about pretty hard….My current future plan is to become a forensic pathologist, so yes, my threshold is quite high.

    Body fluids, bodies (capable of dissolution) do not do me so much, the smell is not pleasant, but I do not become unwell of it.

    What is it?Splatters in my face, especially on my lips. G. Had a few times at cutting room and during OK’s and I felt more dirtier than I ever felt while I was in the mud football or Rugbyde

    Quite apart, because with a thin layer of latex over my hands I touch everything.

    Literally nasty:

    • Clean up your dog’s poo and put it in your bag (never done)
    • After brushing your teeth, consuming certain foods
    • Her in my food
    • Dirt under my nails
    • Do not wash my hair or body for more than three days
    • And still 1001 other cases

    Figuratively Nasty:

    • People who lie and cheat
    • Injustice
    • Greed
    • Abuse of dominant position
    • Selfishness
    • And still 1001 other cases

    Back-up, passive aggression, political games, favoritism, people who eat shit out of their own choice.
    In terms of food not much, but taste is less important than structure in this.If it feels like kots in my mouth while I still have to swallow I’ll automatically gagging. Such as lumpy porridge, oatmeal, carrot stew, etc.

    Or did you want to know something specific?

    People who do not wash their hands after they have made a big message on the toilet!

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