What do you like more fun to spend the summer holidays: the beach or the mountains? What do you like there?

I like to trek into the mountains; Summer or winter, I’m going to hike and walk with packing.I don’t know if people have a performance there. I would like to support it with some pictures for those who find it interesting. This is a tour through Georgia, in the summer.

Preferably I choose Unesco World parks or areas with lots of waterfalls.In the summer it is best warm, walking with packing. So the more often you can cool off the better.

On the way I arrange something like 15 euros a night; Simply basic, with breakfast and lunch package.

Wake up to the most beautiful view. People often ask ‘ then you have to walk all the time anyway? “That’s not so, at most a few hours. At the end of the afternoon we sat here on a game of beer with some locals. And if I want to stay I’ll just spend a night longer.

Hiken is just my hobby.

I walk with a 60 liter backpack, along with friends. So I always have a tent and stuff with me. Here we take an old cable lane to a next mountaintop, and then we walk there again.

Sometimes you unexpectedly encounter something that you hadn’t planned.

In this case, a geiser. The advantage of Georgia is that it is always nice and quiet. Lots of forest, so lots of shade, and lots of mountains and water.

Showered here, it was where the water flows from the geyser.

The water was warm to hot. Next to it flowed a river, so in it you could cool down.

The next day then canoeing on a little river, so also swimming and sunbathing just like on the beach.

And after a day or 5 back in the inhabited world.

Of course I will go to the beach, but I prefer to sit in a beach tent and cross the beach to go swimming.

That’s all folks!

I don’t like to do one thing (or do nothing).

In The summer holidays I have three weeks free. The first one and a half week is mainly aimed at doing things together as a family and my son is really central.

This year I chose a cottage on the Veluwe because of the environment for 5 days.My husband and I love that. But the location is also centrally located opposite activities that we can go to do. There is a puddle nearby, I expect to go there on a rest day.

Of course we go into the woods, enjoy cycling.I make sure that I gather information in advance about the possibilities in the area so that we can see by day (or by weather circumstance;)) What is most fun to do.

We also live near the beach, a little bit of cycling but, so the other days when the weather is nice we are there to find.Nice early morning, quite the beach for yourself!

After that one and a half week my son goes to his father and I, together with my husband, still have the space to go.Last year we made a trip to Germany and the urban interspersed with nature. Very nice. For this year I do not know yet. I look good at the last moment I need. I prefer to visit a town that I don’t know. As much as possible ‘ new ‘-that always feels best.

So to answer your question very concretely.Both!
I always find it nice to combine.First active then relax. My parents used to do that too. In the morning a town visited in the mountains when it was still cool, in the afternoon we went to the beach. Cool down in the sea.

Oh Jeetje, any holiday discussion ever summarized in 1 question, handsome!

Ehm until my 26/27th I floated at beach vacations.A holiday was nothing more than coming up for me and that meant: sitting/doing nothing. Bit bobbing in the water and doing something of (water) sports with people who look 100x fitter than I am. Normally I gave 120 + hours a week to work/social life/growth and on holiday just don’t have to.

Well at one point I was caught on my personality by one of my best friends:

You’ve studied innovation and are constantly looking for new things, but your vacation shouldn’t be any different.. Little hypocrite not?

Now, there are plenty of arguments to go against here, but I let myself be persuaded and I went to southern Spain and went from town to town for three weeks, walking through the mountains, with the public transport, hitchhikers with random Europeans.

In a word genial!

I haven’t been on a beach holiday since then, but that’s another story

I think the beach.

Not because of me, but for my daughter.I think they would have more fun there. Her childhood is quickly over. I like that as she is older she has nice/fun childhood and memories to get strength out for when things get a little bit disappointing later in life. Although things are not always perfect now, and they have already experienced too many things in her young life. I like to see her play. If she has it to her liking, I have it to my liking.

The mountains.Such a colossal of stone fascinates me more. Has also to do with it that I am not so fond of water. (lean male and as a child was swimming a kriem, by limited buoyancy)

Furthermore, mountains are fantastic to drive against.By bike or motorbike. The roads are swaying and the view is fantastic and varied.

And then down again, on the bike of course totally a thrill.

Give me the beach!

Baking with an ice-cold drink… Sunglasses and take a little dive.

Also activities like football and surfing.


Normal more mountains than beach (lying in the sun I find boring), but water sports is also fun…

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