What do you give a very rich person for your birthday?


What do we define as very rich?To try to captivate all readers, rich can be someone who has a lot of money, someone who has a lot of time or someone who is simply satisfied.

Ok, ok, we’re talking about monetary wealth.

Since I live in Austria and now say “plump”, the difference is not too big to Germany, from a private wealth of 10% you belong to the rich.

This includes in

  • Austria from a private property of €517,036 (source)
  • Germany from a private fortune of €468,000 (source)


Having or owning about half a million in the account is already a lot for most, but is it already rich?

Unfortunately, you have to distinguish a lot in which country you live, what job you have, academic education, etc.I will not go into this now because it would be beyond scope, but I am of course happy to answer such a question.

Basic consideration:

A person who belongs to the top 10% or has over €500,000 in assets can afford a lot, but not everything at a wide rate, but how can you bring joy to that person?

It depends on the person, and the relationship in which one stands with it.

The biggest problem isnot to be rich, the biggest problem is that these people just tend to buy or get something when they like something.

I almost wrote that this group of people thinks little about it, that’s true of nieces.


If we take a quick look at the mindset of a person who has a great fortune, we have in short, two types of people who have come to it through hard work and who have had some “happiness”.

Someone who gets “easier” money tends to spend it more easily, someone who has had to work harder for the money tends to keep it together, and don’t be fooled here that this is also the case with the super-rich.

The Gift

Now what do we give to these people when they can buy a lot (with or without thinking big) and often fulfill their wishes immediately?

  • A simple idea is to give something that has to do with a personal passion and what the person does not think about himself.

What do you not quite understand what I mean?Ok, then I’ll give you an example.

Let’s assume that Mr. X is supposed to receive the gift, is a passionate wine fan, so you could give him a wine tasting, a tasting at the winery Rothschild, where already the rich and beautiful have dined and tasted.

Moment, Mr. X is “rich” but we’re not quite yet, well then let’s think again.

Did you know that there are wine glass tastings?For example from the glass manufacturer Riedel (source: https://www.riedel.com/de-at/tas…), these do not cost the world but most people have never heard of anything like this.

  • Another option is to give something where Mr. X himself doesn’t get it so easily.

My father is an absolute wine and spirits connoisseur.I’ve been in the same dilemma, what do I give him? Then I came up with the right idea, I gave him a bottle of DoubleCross Vodka, at that time it was only sold in Slovakia as in the USA, when I asked by email that no shipping is possible.

Well, just about a work colleague, who happens to be from Slovakia, and there he only cost 40€ (circa 2014).

  • We extend this option to include the personal statement item.

I have taken the bottle to a Happy Lab (Fabrication Labratory – “Labs” launched by MIT where you can use laser cutters, etc.for a small membership fee) and had engraved a ski hut with the Alps behind it, and the sentence for many more years.

Since creative, think about what’s there, which is so special that you can’t actually hang on to PriceTag.

It’s all about rich people you’re close to and who haven’t achieved much of getting something “expensive” as a gift, they’re also often interested in seeing developments, having experiences and, to some people, just being seen as the people they’re looking at. ind, not what is on your bank statement.

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