What do you do with a contact grill?

I love my contact grill.

my old grill, which has served me faithfully for fifteen years, gave up its spirit in June and I now have a new one.

I don’t know how to live withoutt.

if I had to choose, stove or contact grill, I would know how to decide.

it’s these little grills with lidson which some restaurants warm up your sandwich.

it then gets these wonderful light brown grill strips and the cheese runs out.

with sandwiches it started with me too.

I had bought the first contact grill as a special offer.

If you have any ingredients, you can make a sandwich out of everything.

my favourite for many years has been this:

a toastie made of Finnbrot.The ones are available in various supermarkets,here it is from Rewe.

It’s like a flat dark ryebun.

it is welded in and lasts forever and there are only good things in it.

it is already cutopen.

I prefer to lay

first a layer green from the spring onions, finely sliced

a layer crushed pickled artichokes (who doesn’t like them, gets mushrooms)

a thin slice of Italian bacon, called pancetta (vegetarians get the not)

a bed mozzarella

on it some salt and oregano.

and off to the grilluntil the mozzarella runs.

so delicious.

can be changedat will .

from time to time I do barbecueevening.

Then there are steaks and lots of vegetables, the latter cut into about 5 mm thick slices.

you can take zucchini, mushrooms (which I leave whole) potatoes, kohlrabi, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes.

I’ve been standing there all the time.

then meat and/or chicken.

but such a barbecue evening also goes super vegetarian.

then bowls with sauces.

my guests then push themselves with chairs in my kitchen.

it’s actually too small, but it doesn’t matter.

is cozy.

and new things are always put on the grill.

that succeed super and fast.

the steaks become tender and juicy, quite simple.

and the whole thing is super sociable,because it takes time for everyone to be full.

usually so two hours.

Barbecue evening.

But the winterversion.

everything that comes from the grill, we share.

Sometimes I also make grilled vegetables and put them in as antipasti, in oil, garlic and herbs.

and of course I can pimp all the older bread on it.

that’s where Bruschetta gets out of it.

Roast bread, rub with garlic, rub with ripe tomato, oil, salt, oregano.

Eat hot.

especially if you are alone, such a barbecue is the ideal companion.

afterwards you remove the two grill plates and put them in the dishwasher.


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