What do you do to stay healthy?

Interesting question.Some people call me obsessive, but in fact I generally tend to get bogged down in issues when I can see a clear benefit for myself. However, I do not have the impression of doing much, because I consider many things simply to be natural, or useful little things.

I exercise (almost) every day.First strength training in the gym, now for over 10 years, if I really appreciate. A little later I started jogging, then sprinting occasionally. I started with the gym because of typical bloke interests: muscular chest, thick arms and shoulders, the health effect was simply side effect.

I don’t eat meat, fish and little dairy or eggs.I’m not a vegan, and my diet is probably compatible some days of the week. Studies here show, among other things, a lower risk of heart disease, but this was never the reason for me to eat this way. I’ve never been meat crazy, I don’t really like eggs, I’m not a very big cheese fan, except for feta and mozzarella. I really like the more Mediterranean cuisine. I loved eating salads as a child. At barbecues there was always a huge bowl greener on the table for me, hardly anything could give me more pleasure in edible (which was not dessert) (that’s not a joke). Depending on the salad, it is also possible to use balsamic, so you can even sometimes get by without oil. I generally eat a lot of greenery, whether tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, etc. Like to add some onion or garlic in it, occasionally a few nuts. I often also make salads based on quinoa.

I follow NutritionFacts.org, not with religious zeal, but every now and then there is something that is easy to implement.For example, the use of natural rice instead of normal, or interesting breakfast smoothies.

For some time now, however, it has become increasingly clear to me that what you do not eat is becoming increasingly important.I avoid trans fats (hardened fats on the ingredients list) for the most part. Fortunately, I was never a great friend of fried. You can gradually wean yourself off from large amounts of salt and sugar, you really don’t miss anything afterwards.

I drink my own icing mix most days, made from green, Earl Grey, lemon juice and a chunky honey.Again, it just tastes good to me. Health was never decisive for me to start with it.

I source most of the fruit and vegetables from organic farming.When I have tea, I pay special attention to this, because common countries of origin such as China are so well known for their careful use of pesticides (*hust*). Contact pesticides of fruit and vegetables can be rinsedquite successfully with salt water.

I am critical of many supplements.Vitamin B12 seems to me, however, essential through my renunciation of meat. This seems to me to be a good deal, because it allows me to reduce animal fats as much as possible. In autumn and winter vitamin D is added, because I don’t get that much sun here. I don’t really see brewer’s yeast as a supplement, but I list it here, as an excellent source of numerous B vitamins.

I haven’t smoked for over 10 years and I’ve never done it for a very long time.I think my biggest vice is marzipan. If there is such a thing as a life after death, I would like to be reborn in LÁúČbeck!

Thank you for the request, Sam Ehrenteit

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