What do you do to save money?

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a.) I have started for several years to do without materialthings, such as big & expensive shopping, expensive watches etc..I only wear things from the past and only buy if something breaks or there are certain private or professional occasions (e.g. suit, underwear, sports equipment). This one lifestyle change alone has a huge positive impact on my financial resources. It has also made me much happier and more conscious as a person. I have also stopped comparing myself to others on a material level.

b.) I have been investing 80% of my mtl.Income in (hopefully) reasonable & profitable financial assets, such as stocks, REITs, anleigen, P2P etc. I do this by means of automated savings plans, which are debited from my account on the 1st or 15th of each month.That forces me to do so a.) to live sparingly or b.) earn more money :-D.

c.) I have a written vision of my life.It is where my dreams and goals stand. Monetary and non-monetary. I look at this vision for a few minutes every day. Mostly before falling asleep. To achieve the goals/dreams in my life vision, I have to reach a certain income. Through the constant reading, this desire is anchored more and more in the subconscious and on the one hand allows me to consciously deal with my existing financial resources and on the other hand I have the absolute inner will to earn more in order to achieve my goals. reach them in a timely way. My biggest goal is to give my family a house on the Baltic Sea and to be able to retire my parents early. This disciplines and motivates me incredibly from a financial point of view.

Insummary: I can only say for myself that it is essential that one knows (at least approximately) where one should go one’s own journey!What are your own goals/dreams? What do I need to generate/save in order to reach it? Once you have asked yourself these questions and answered them, you will certainly no longer drive around haphazardly from a financial point of view, but are heading for a fixed course.

As books on this subject, I can recommend the following two in particular:

The 7 Ways to Effectiveness: Principles for Personal and Professional Success Your Success: Amazon.de: Stephen R. Covey, Angela Roethe, Nikolas Bertheau, Ingrid Proč„˝-Gill: Books

Think and get rich.The laws of success

If you both take the trouble and not only read both once, but also work sensibly through and reflect on them, they enrich you from my point of view for the rest of your life!

If you want to deal with the topic of finances deeper and long term, I can recommend my blog.I write about topics such as saving, investing and generating additional (passive) income. My blog is: www.Finanzen-Einkommen.de.

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Information: This is not financial advice!

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