What do you cook better than anyone else?

Texan Chili!

Probably the best east of the Atlantic (Chili is not, as unfortunately far too many people believe, from Mexico, but from the U.S. southwest states from the time of the great cattle shoots to the nearest railway station, which was often more than 1000 mi away; when a beef died, the better meat became too Steaks, the rest that wasn’t as good, processed into chilli, yet a popular exception to the daily baked beans with bacon).And no, no recipe is published for this, that remains strictly in my extended family, whose Dauphin I am, the last of my family in Europe.

My smoked trout was also eaten very gladly, in the village of Schluchsee (at that time I still lived in the southwest German layer-level country N° 150) there is an excellent fish smokehouse.And the smoked trout can be gently warmed to smokein temperature in the oven the next evening, so that they taste as fresh from the smoke. In addition, sea retichfoam, fresh baguette and a good Riesling from Alsace (yes, Alsace, not Breisgau, not Tuniberg and not Kaiserstuhl, although all good wine-growing areas, from the Kaiserstuhl gets man formidable Spätburgunder, among them Germany’s very best wine by Franz Keller, but the best Riesling you get in Alsace).

Quickly made – the trip to the Schluchsee (approx.125 km back and forth, but CAVE: Many Dutch with trailers do not really make the trip a pleasure, they do not realize that it is actually possible to overtake on the B 500 south, you just have to know where) exclusive – and very easy, what the holde femininity usually praefert.

And if you may include baking, my original Alsatian Gugelhupf.Is god knows no rockettechnology, just a good, stirred yeast dough (I know, in many cookers stands “kneaded dough“: What a nonsense,the dough must be able to tile into every corner of the mold, moreover, the shape must absolutely be keramk and just not made of metal) with a few additional ingredients such as in rum or in what for alcohol (ideal is marc de gewurztraminer or another marc) pickled raisins, almond shards and for laying out the Shape almond slices.And don’t save on egg yolks and butter, the cake will be rather heavy. But significantly less sugar and icing sugar. In addition, a good choker traminer, nutmeg or idealiter a Crémant d’Alsace, already from Alsace.Is similar to the Italian Panettone with Asti Spumante (our small hospital was quite close to the Italian-Swiss border).

Almost forgotten: My Arabic Couscous Royal and a Moroccan Tajine, a kind of stew.I like Arabic food very much and horse meat is not expensive, but very tasty.In taste, it is similar to superfluous game meat from an animal enclosure, roughly the middle of beef and real, hunted game meat (please do not maul, red deer must be decimated in animal enclosures and in the forest, because the natural predators are missing (no, I’m not a hunter, the only WapitiI ever had to shoot – we just desperately needed meat – in the store it cost a lot of money, but on our ranch it was teeming with them, because the Wapitis even plundered our vegetable gardenat night), and I was at least theoretically the one because of my military training as a young pundit (WAARN-Guardsman Class of 1980, more preciselyWAARNG-Officer, Class of 1981 ) seen best shooter.It’s not really fun, I can assure you! I had a precision rifle in my hands and what did poor Wapitihave?Nothing

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