What do women often want from a man in a relationship?

A tricky question!From my experience I would say the following:

  • Normal human respect,
  • Understanding and support when things are less, a hug and kiss to make everything a little bit better,
  • Parts of the burden, not so much financially, think of regularly taking over tasks in the household, vacuuming once or cleaning the bathroom, cooking and, if applicable, bringing the children to school once,
  • A surprise, a little flower, just so, because it can and because you love each other, an odor a piece of chocolate, a romantic letter or whatever,
  • Listen to each other, that they can lose a bit about that one TV series that you really don’t find anything,
  • Sharing the good moments together, nice together on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, a piece of walking together or playing together a board game,
  • Have a nice dinner together, maybe after theatre or a movie, or whatever fun.

This question always makes me a little panicky.I fear that in the end I have made all women unhappy in my life, despite my good intentions. In my opinion, a woman must have no checklist at all. There just needs to be a pleasant chemistry. Furthermore, a woman must realise that she will not find everything in a man she is looking for.

My experience is that a man is by nature a bit of a loner, while a woman is more of a companion animal. Parties must be visited, holidays planned, parents invited and ceilings white.Since it often pinches, men don’t usually need so much. I often feel that they have a vacancy and are looking for a candidate who best fits the profile. That means that the role of the man often has something of a job, including the appraisal interviews (most starting at 1.30 hours in the night if you have to at 7 o’clock).

This question always reminds me of a song from the Bloodhound Gang.
‘ You know what I really want in a girl?Me. ‘

Now that’s double to interpret -like any song of the Bloodhound Gang.
In this case, the sexual undertone is not what it is all about.

I think what everyone is looking for is someone who is similar to themselves to varying degrees.May also be similar -that feature I would like to have.

My husband and I differ as day and night from each other.Everything with us is the opposite, but there is one thing we both want: be happy (or stay more-because luckily we are already). Staying happy is hard work.
Constantly communicating, saying ‘ hey I don’t like this! ‘ Because happiness for each person has a different shape, you can learn a lot from each other, if you are open to each other.Sharing the same vision will keep you together again and again.

Of course it’s nice that someone confirmed you in the way that you like it and that things go in a way that you like, but for me that doesn’t feel right.We have called it the Eifel Tower syndrome. You just have to give it a name;)-‘ I want to be asked at the Eifel Tower for marriage, he knows, so if he doesn’t, he doesn’t give me. ‘ It is a beautiful (SYN) Dream image. And of course you can define behavioural guidelines for a relationship (respect), but real love, do not find you there. Most people set up a as > than scenario, if he does this: Good man. If he does: Bad man. Man does not work, and in addition man has his own peculiarities and if you can see the love through it. Then you don’t need that as > then all, because that’s all in a natural way.

I will tell you what I want from a man…. And I will be pretty blunt.Are you ready?

  • I want a man who has confidence : He must be sure of himself, who he is and what he wants.
  • I want a man who is smart and challenges me intellectually.

A clever conversation, even excited or disturbing, is something I really find attractive.

  • I want a man who is brave : He must be able to make decisions and stand for his choices.
  • I want to be a man who gives me enough confidence to open up to me.
  • Instant and spontaneous.

  • I want to be a man who does not worry about what people think.
  • I want a guy who is a little crazy in his humor
  • I want a man who shares his knowledge with me
  • I want my husband to grab my butt, even if it’s inappropriate, but still stylish .
  • I want a guy who is a bit dominant . That leads the way for both of us.
  • I want a guy who is neat and clean (see this answer)
  • I want to be a guy who dresses well and smells good
  • (If he has all of the above AND if he smells good, then I lose all control, and I probably want to lick his neck.)

    My wife very often wants me to help some more in the household, or that I would be more convenient with chores.With the first I’m sure of my problem and will make it better. On the second case, I have to give my mea culpa unfortunately. I have two left hands. The safest for all attendees is not to give me a drilling machine.

    However big the wishes and requirements list was in advance, they are all looking for the guy who makes the whole list forget.Simply because he stands out, chooses for her, is fun company and leaves his wife.

    I just wanted to ask you!9-3

    I think: Financial security, attention, cuddling, humor, faithfulness, mystery…

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