What do the expressions ‘ Valar Dohaeris ‘ and ‘ Valar Morghulis ‘ mean in Game of Thrones? Why have they become so popular?

I just asked Google: ‘ Valar Morghulis ‘ and the Histories of Game of Thrones Words

The language is High Valyrian and thus the mother tongue of our Dragon lady.And she is a popular character from the entire television series. “Valar” stands for “All Humans”, “Morghulis” for “Must Die” and “Dohaeris” for “must serve”. It is a kind of greeting where the one says “Valar Morghulis” and the other responds with “Valar Dohaeris”.

Given the popularity of the TV series you quickly notice that certain words and habits from a series by especially the younger generation as a kind of secret code indicating “I am GoT fan.

You too? ” A bit similar to the Vulkan greeting where you stick the hand with an opening between middle finger and ring finger with the words “Live long and prosper”. Or “May the Force be with you” from the Star Wars films.

Most films and television series have no special statements that are massively taken over by fans, but they can have a lot of influence.The series “Breaking Bad”, for example. A series about a chemistry teacher who produces crystal meth for an extra bag. These drugs were practically not found in Europe but have been more interested in recent years. However, the recent interception of 2,500 kilos by customs indicates that there has recently been a huge increase in demand for it and whether the series has anything to do with it?

Series such as “Vikings” and “Spartacus” also have a lot of influence but contain too few special sayings and behaviours to be taken over by fans.However, for decades the interest for “Cowboys and Indians” has been very popular within Europe because there was mainly fiction written by European authors such as Winnetou by Karl May.And later stories. And stories such as “Lord of the Rings” has again led to a huge amount of role playing games, where D & D and AD & D is the most famous variant.

The reason why these words from GoT so popular is just a “Pop culture” phenomenon.How long its influence remains is difficult to predict but people’s language and habits can change tremendously quickly. Simply because the young generation that identifies with it simply grows older and the generation afterwards takes over other habits.

But these two sentences from GoT are popular because it can identify fans of the GoT series.That will take some time but the series is now over so its use will cool down again…

Dear Peter, Thank you for your 3 questions, but I know nothing about games and have no interest.

Valar Morghulis means: Every man had to die, which was answered with Valar Dohaeris: Every man must serve.

I’ve never heard it outside the series, but maybe you can ask my best friend Google, I’ve just also done it:)

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