What do people who are about to die see?

Life is the waiting room of death.We are only in transit because you know with birth that you will die.

So what do people see about to die?

Those who are present at their death or not?Or do you like to catch a glimpse “over there”, hear the story of already deceased relatives picking up the dying, stories from the tunnel or light?

In any case, the last seconds or minutes are always a sublime time, big and touching.In terms of intensity, it is only comparable to a birth.

By the way, the hardest thing to do with dying is what are the types of makers who always had everything under control and under control.They struggle, fight and displace until the very end that it comes to an end. It is much easier for those who accept death to die.

But what do we really see in the face of death?If you really want to know, I’ll unravel the secret:

You will see yourself.As a clear light of reality, or – what is the same – total darkness. What else could you see, because there is nothing but you? If you do not recognize this (i.e. yourself), you will soon see an aspect of yourself, a projection that you tend to want to see, then these are relatives, angels, demons, Allah and the virgins for you or the Last Judgment, which is entirely up to you or you.the “knowledge level” that you have reached.

You have a lifetime of time to deal with the subject.If you haven’t done anything in the direction so far, you still have a lot of time! Because reality is one. And it is timeless (eternal). And what you see at the moment of your death, you can see now! Just open your eyes, you don’t need to do more. If you can’t do that, it’s because you may not know exactly who or what you really are. Are you your body/brain or do you only have one body/brain? Are you what others see in you? Speak out: What kind of idea do you have of yourself? You probably already understand that you are not this idea, it cannot be, because these kinds of self-images are changeable and transient (e.g.the toddler you once was is no longer available). Just a question of time, until the idea (self-image) that you have of yourself at the moment will no longer exist either. But you will, will it be, will it be?

Who or what are you?


Today, more people believe, than ever before, that nothing comes after dying, because they have been told it because they do not trust the churches, have forgotten the faith, have been deceived too often, that they no longer believe anything, because they cannot imagine it.

From love and death:

Death will immediately transform you,
a new realm is opening up.

Like the cocoon
into the butterfly,
death acts on you –
strips off your body alone.

You will only be more love and beauty

Sarah Vernon

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